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We can provide catering options for celebrations of any kind - cocktail parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals, corporate events and private dining.. Anything! We also offer themed food stations and displays.
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menu varieties

menu varieties

Our WOW factor is legendary! Delicious food - fresh and beautiful, & as our people say, it's popping with pizazz! We are devoted to meeting all of your requirements including any special dietary needs.
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For the love of cooking!! These few indispensable pieces of equipment belong in every kitchen, giving you confidence & support to create inspired dishes. All items are recommended from our own kitchen. Let's get cooking!
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"If more of us valued food, cheer & song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." - Tolkien

easy recipes

  • raspberry lime risotto
    Raspberry & Lime Risotto, for breakfast or dessert.
    Raspberry & Lime Risotto, for breakfast or dessert. This all depends on what time you serve it, & with which accompaniment. A generous dollop of silken Greek yoghurt or a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice-cream. Honey ice-cream works well too. And maybe some toasted almonds. It...
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  • lasagne
    The 3 top secrets to awesome lasagne!
    Lasagne! The 3 top secrets to awesome lasagne! Tonight we need something hearty & substantial, healthy & scrumptious. Something quick & easy, comforting & warm. And besides, it’s the birthday boys favourite, requested. So here we have the secrets to awesome lasagne! With a bit of prep...
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from the pantry (blog)

  • Prawn Laksa
    Ideas & Inspirations, Planing & Preparations, Meals Sorted!
    Ideas & Inspirations, Planing & Preparations, Meals Sorted! Prawn Laksa Hey guys, I bet right now you are struggling with that age-old issue again, “what to have for dinner tonight.” We talked a bit about it last week. Maybe I can help you with this problem because...
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  • icecream
    What’s for dinner tonight?
    What’s for dinner tonight? For us it’s pizza I think…one of my favourites! :)) It seems in all my investigation that THE biggest challenge, over & over again, with big families, small families, old or young families, single & busy people, almost everyone, is what to cook...
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cooking with theo & thumbelina

  • oven watching
    Grandsons Cooking Classes
    Grandsons Cooking Classes Yay!! Finally, this year, the 2 grandsons who attend this school, are old enough to participate in the kitchen. With me :)) happy face… This is my 3rd year now…volunteering at the local school to help out in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program....
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  • Steak & Guacamole.
    Steak & Guacamole.
      Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina… Steak & Guacamole Alright, we’ll have a couple of potatoes in their jackets too! And maybe a few chilli beans… The boys are ravenous as always when they get home from school. We have chicken & pistachio sausage rolls that had...
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