Lemon Lime Delicious
  • We used gluten-free flour, (as my sister is intolerant :)) oops! I mean gluten intolerant :)) & it worked perfectly. Imagine the colour of those farm-fresh eggs!  And reduced the sugar, as is always my way, but am not sure how to replace it entirely...yet!

    So here we go…

    Lemon Lime Delicious
    *90g. butter, 2 cups sugar, grated zest of 3 lemons/limes
    *Beat until creamy (we chucked ours in the trusty old food processor)
    *Separate 5 eggs & add yolks one at a time.
    *Add 4½ tblspns. Self-raising flour & 2¼ cups milk.

    Mix, then add juice of 4 lemons/limes
    *Beat egg whites til stiff & fold through.
    *Pour into buttered dishes & place into water bath.
    (let water come to ½ way up sides of your moulds in baking dish)
    *Cook in mod. Oven (180C) till lightly golden on top, about 1 hour…

    Chiffon smooth, silky & tangy, with a little scoop of ice-cream perhaps!

    We served ours with some extra dollop double cream, mmmmmm.