Crunchy Top on Brownies...
  • So while it may not be an earth-shattering issue, it's important to know how to get a crunchy brownie top. And the Kitchen has come to our rescue. 
    As they write in Perfectly Sweet: How to Get a Crunchy Top on Brownies: 
    "We consulted one of our favorite cookbooks,  BakeWise, and found that this crispy top crust is actually a layer of meringue. That's right -  whipped egg whites and sugar! It happens in recipes where the butter and sugar are creamed together and then the eggs are added. The more the mixture is beaten once the eggs are added, the more prominent this crust.
    If you're like us and you love the crispy top, just beat the batter as much as possible after adding the eggs and before adding any other ingredients."

    Apparently this technique will work for other cookies as well.
    And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't direct you to some great brownie recipes as found in the EYB library.