Whole milk vs 2% milk
  • I'm not sure this is the right place to post. 
    If I'm making a souffle and it says to use whole milk to make the blecheml sauce can I substitute with 2%? 
    And the trick about the blechemel sauce is that it's thick and sticks to your spoon. Mine was thick but it kept sliding off my plastic spoon, did I stop to soon or should I use a different spoon for the test? 
  • Hey Diana...great question! 
    Yep, change spoons, it will always slide off a plastic spoon :))

    And about the milk substitution...you won't have those polishing, plumping creamy modules in your souffle without the whole milk, or that rich flavour. Sometimes you just have to go with the big stuff to get the best results :))
    Hope this helps xx
  • Good to know. I use plastic because I have nonstick pans. Time to buy a few wooden spoons. Thanks for your answer.