Thai Fish Cakes.
  • Request from Shizza...
    Would love to have the recipe for Thai Fish Cakes & Wakame in the photo on your "Kitchen Sessions" page. Any chance????
  • No problems at to share! And they are so simple & easy.

    we like a pale fleshed & not to strong flavoured fish, but the preference is yours entirely  :) 

    Thai Fish Cakes...

    All you need are fish fillets(maybe 6), 1/2 bunch coriander, splash sweet chilli sauce(2 tblspns.) & same of fish sauce, 1 tblspn. each ginger & garlic.
    That's it, put into processor (fish on top to keep coriander down) & give it a few seconds. You don't want to over process..we like it to have a bit of texture.
    Make into patties & gently cook each side (sandwich press with baking paper does both sides at once:)) 
    Or press into moulds (like muffin tins) & cook in oven till risen & firm. They will be very moist & will sink back down once they cool, bit like a souffle...enjoy the yumminess!
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  • Thanks so much. Guess what's for dinner tonight!