Super foods!
  • Michelle is on a major detox but is feeling the need for a treat. Does anyone have some ideas for her?
    It needs to be gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy and sugar free (including honey and sweet fruits) My suggestion is my Superfood Trail Mix Clusters, without the dried cherries - not sure if goji berries and goldenberries are included in 'sweet fruits' (they're not very sweet!), but they could be left out if need be and some nuts added in.
    The coconut butter gives it a little natural sweetness, and if you can have stevia that could be added to sweeten it up a bit too. :)
  • Pomegranates are awesome, power-packed little gems. Loaded with anti-oxidents, & pretty as crown jewels! There's a good lot of info here... 
    We freeze them & use a few wherever we can….what could you do with them?