Beetroot Puree & Red Wine Jus
  • One of our lovely friends asks, "can you tell me how to make a beetroot puree and a red wine jus?" 
    So for a simple & tasty Beetroot Puree...
    Roast beetroot, garlic, sprig of thyme & salt under foil covered dish till well done. When cool, rub skin off with gloved fingers :)) process with splash of red wine vinegar & tblspn. soft butter for shine. Adjust seasoning. Done! 
    You can add horseradish, chilli, other fresh herbs, yoghurt, sour cream...anything to make it into a dip or give it the flavours you like.
    And Red Wine Jus....
    Cook off garlic & onion, add same amounts of red wine & stock (it can be a combination of any sort, & pan juices if you have them.) Throw in some rosemary & reduce gently by half. Season & strain if you prefer. And again, butter will give it gloss :))
    Too easy...enjoy!!
  • Dianne Sauce
    I really love a good Dianne Sauce, but I can't seem to find a recipe that tastes just right.. does anyone have a fav recipe for this sauce?? Willo
  • Gordon Ramsay How to Prepare your Sauce for Steak Diane ... quick demo from Gordon

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

    Steak Diane is a dish consisting of a pan-fried filet mignon with a sauce made from the seasoned pan juices. It is often flambéed at the table in restaurants. The dish takes its name from Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt.


    The steak is seasoned by rubbing garlic and ground black pepper into it and frying quickly in butter. A sauce is prepared from the pan juices, using butter, shallots, cream, beef stockmustard, and Worcestershire sauce, and flambéed with brandy. This sauce is then poured over the steak prior to serving.

  • Yum.. can't wait to taste this one - thanks so much Roni, from Willo xx