Best Ever Orange & Almond Cake
  • Best Ever Orange & Almond Cake
    Okay kids, thanks for your patience :)) Seems we have some technical gremlin scurrying around...don't worry, all will be sorted!
    Meanwhile, finally, here is the Worlds Best Ever Orange & Almond Cake recipe...
    *Gently boil 2 oranges, covered, for about an hour or so....
    *Combine in bowl 250g. almond meal, 200g. sugar, 1 tspn. baking powder & 6 eggs.

    When oranges have cooled a little, remove stem from the top, chuck them into the processor & whizz them up.

    *Mix them all together & place in lined tin (for easy removal)
    *Bake in moderate-slow oven & cook until skewer comes out clean...about an hourish.
    That's it! It's such a lovely moist cake, you could just glaze it with some warm apricot jam & scatter with some toasted almonds, slivered or flaked.
    Or smother it in delicious Cream Cheese Icing :))
    *125g. cream cheese, 60g. butter, both softened to room temp.
    *Beat till smooth & add 2 tspns. vanilla essence
    *Gradually beat in 2 1/2 cups icing sugar.....holey yumminess!!!

    Finish with some toasted almonds, a pretty orange flower, some orange segments, fresh or candied...whatever works for your creation.
    Taste, share & enjoy...such minimal effort for such delight!
    It's great to have on hand, or in the freezer for later. And you never know who will pop round for a quick visit & a cuppa over the weekend...:))