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The icing on the cake….

The icing on the cake….Prague. White Christmas.

After New Years in Croatia, much waiting at airports, Debrovnik, Zagreb, Munich, we finally arrive in Prague.

Oh it’s so pretty. And then it snowed! We got the icing on the cake….Prague. White Christmas.

The  Christmas markets are still in full swing. Masses of twinkling lights & tasteful decorations to rival Vienna.

The architecture, the skyline, the spires & the grand statues, stunning everywhere you turn. Big coats & earmuffs, gloves & scarves, hot breath in cold air, wide eyes & laughter. It’s like being in a magic book.Prague. White Christmas.

Live music, both traditional & modern. Buskers & bubbles. Roasted chestnuts, char-grilled cinnamon pastries, spicy mulled wine.

All heady scents adding to the richness of our joy.Prague. White Christmas.

We roam around & then dine in a beautiful old restaurant on local recommendations. Dumplings. Of various kinds. Specialities of the area.

With rabbit, & pork (which also rotates on spits everywhere, giant knuckles or great sides to shave slabs as required.)Prague. White Christmas.

Not generally a lover of green beans, the best smokey beans with speck & onions kept pulling me back till I could explode.Prague. White Christmas.

Our breakfasts covered all bases, dignified & inviting, with thoughtful little surprises.

Details like fresh lemon water, live herbs & scissors to help yourself, plungers of fresh ginger tea & coffee to order, continental & cosmopolitan.

Always crisp, clean & carefully presented. I’d go back in a heartbeat, just to stay at the Maximillian for their gorgeous start to the day….:))Prague. White Christmas.

We did brisk walking tours in the cold, & factual bus tours with head phones. We meandered at leisure & got lost with relish… I really want to come back & explore this beautiful city in the warmer months.

As much as I wanted to experience winter in Prague, & as exquisite as it is, I’ve discovered a few things about activities in the cold that make exploring just a little more challenging.Prague. White Christmas.

I’m a bit unfamiliar with feeling like the Michelin Man all the time. It’s hard work. All that tucking in & untucking, it even makes shopping difficult. Everything takes longer & a more conscious effort to required to deliver results.

Even vision is obstructed by your head gear. It’s a whole body turn instead of just a quick neck swivel. Lol.Prague. White Christmas.

I can really see the relationships between thoughtful, time honoured practices in cold European countries & the casual, spontaneous lifestyle we have in warm old Australia.

On our last day it snowed!!! So perfect!! The icing on the cake….Prague. White Christmas.

Big fat soft flakes falling on our coats, our eyelashes. Crisp faces, wide eyes, excited squeals. Slippery underfoot, exquisite to behold, magnifying the beauty of the skyline shapes.

The elusive blanket finally gracing us in its gentle drape. A gift from above. I just had to whirl around, arms stretched out, face turned up to the heavens. And make snow angels right where we stood.Prague. White Christmas.

Time for a Prague experience. Toasty warm in the pub, George & Dragon. Strip down & shake off. Fine wine & good music.

It is with awe that I sit & watch snow flakes floating past the street lamps. The comfort & the cold. The man made & natures banquet. It is spectacularly surreal & I can’t contain my delight.Prague. White Christmas.

Overnight, the painting of this masterpiece continued & treated us to yet another fairytale vision as we bid Prague our fond farewell.

As we leave the Czech Republic behind, mile after mile of stunning white-cloaked countryside unfold before us from the train window. Frozen ponds, laden branches, powder capped cottages, wood smoke, white on white.

It’s too pretty to sleep, to stunning to miss a moment.Prague. White Christmas.

We lunch in beautiful Vienna with the gorgeous Grandad & Marg, who’ve generously made the trek in to see us off as we pass through to the airport.

Our European adventure has come to an end & reluctantly we must embrace the final leg, the long haul home…Prague. White Christmas.

Eight countries in 4 weeks! I’m amazed & ecstatic that each leg of our journey gave us an absolutely different experience. It was like a new holiday every step of the way.

It was seriously awesome & I am so so grateful…Prague. White Christmas.

  1. I absolutely loved Prague too! It’s a magical place.

    • Wow Caro, how quick were you!!! :)) (& from the other side of the world, lol)
      Yes, yes, yes….magic all the way. So special to have the snow falling on us…
      Can’t wait to explore again in warmer weather,
      Happy New Year to you special ladies xxx

  2. Wow: thank you for sharing your adventures with us, words so abundantly laden with description that they ignite the senses and the imagination and make us hungry for the experience!

    • lol, thanks gorgeous….
      you have a lovely way with words Pam.
      (Is that a nice way of saying verbose?….love :))
      Yes, I think that to, but it’s the only way I can share my joy with you…..
      Mwwaahhh xx

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