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Austria. A not-so-white Christmas….

Austria. A not-so-white Christmas….Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

Even on touchdown in Vienna we are greeted with welcoming embrace upon our arrival in Austria.

There are 6 of us. My DIL’s grandparents have come to collect us.

And so continued the food, wine, warmth, ease, hospitality & gifts as we were graciously guided around.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

We cooked together, told stories, learnt about mistletoe & German spelling, shared love, laughter, good food & lots of wine around the big, always beautifully dressed, family table.

Relatives come, bringing gifts & invitations to feed us some more :)) We eat schnitzels & strudel….Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

We walked in Vienna Woods & the kids ice-skated for the first time (everyday:))Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

It’s very precious to be included in these four generations here in Purkersdorf.

Very special to share the 3 days of old world yet time honoured Christmas traditions.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

There’s a reverence & respect weaving through their practices in Europe.

It’s seated in roots that we just don’t have in Australia.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

For months during our planning, we had hoped for a white Christmas, but alas, no snow. Europe, across the board, is about 10* warmer, or so we have been told repeatedly.

Whilst it would have been an absolutely amazing experience, (& yes there is a certain little disappointment that we didn’t get the dream,) the weather for this whole trip has been absolutely perfect.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

Misty, foggy mornings clearing to crystal sparkling days. Not cold & nasty, but crisp & invigorating. Brilliant for exploring. Kind to our cause.

As always we are handsomely rewarded…Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

Besides being renowned for its famous composers, artists & architects, there is a feeling of culture, of clean, safety & pride, throughout this fair land.

It’s the picture book image of all those traditional old Christmas cards & embossed cookie tins you saw as a child.

The city Christmas lights are spectacular. Tasteful & stunning to behold.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

And the markets are plentiful, bulging with festive loot & twinkling with invitation.

Warm toddy’s & bready food scents draw you in. Leather gloves & soft scarves, big jackets & hot breath in the cold night air. Horse drawn carriages, chiming bells & street musicians.

All create this magic atmosphere….Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

It was a bit sad to farewell this special family who’ve looked after us so well.

I am extremely grateful for this treasured sharing.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

Now we hurtle through the many tunnels, picturesque countryside, distant sweeping mountains, exquisite lakes & charming little doll-house towns, as the train rocks us towards our next destination, Salzburg.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

What can we say to convey the beauty? It’s just everything already said, & heightened 10 fold.

If you ever get the opportunity, please do yourself a huge favour. Go!Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

We did have a bit of excitement on the first night…we 3 adult girls, stuck in the lift for about 40 mins. Firemen, ambulance, sirens. We could see it all unfolding from our glass-sided cell.

A bit of a hoot & a little embarrassing really, we were fine (just without wine :))Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

And then we did the bus, train, ferry mission to Hallstadt. So worth it in every way…..quaint, unique, sooo pretty.

Three lovely family days were spent wandering, exploring, being in awe together. Grateful at how precious this whole gift of communal experience is.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

And then we have our final meal together, say fond farewell till we meet again back in Australia in 2 weeks time.

The little family make their way back home tomorrow.Austria. Vienna. Salzburg.

Transit day for us. My traveling companion & I head off to Croatia in the wee hours… I’m a little bit excited ????????

  1. Great to read about all your adventures. Such a wonderful attitude and grateful heart can only bring wonderous results…that you’re now experiencing! Have fun girls 🙂

    • Ohhh thankyou…it is indeed special. And rewarding that you get to share it with us :)) xx

  2. Amazing, breathtaking, beautiful and the words… Your posts are a gift to all who are lucky enough to view them.

    Enjoy your special time as you truly deserve it.

    Huge love xo

    • Oh my goodness…what a treasure you are to write such lovely words. Thankyou Suzie.
      Yes it really is breathtaking…the whole experience.
      I am so grateful, for me & my family.
      Love you to the moon….xx

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