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Backyard Gardens.

Back-yard Gardens…. vegetable gardens  

Our beloved veggie patch! Love them or hate them, there seems to be a renaissance of sorts, a resurgence of their appearance.vegetable gardens

On our daily early morning walks, the evidence is mounting that growing our own veggies is once again becoming frequently popular.

Backyard gardens. The ebb & flow of life is back in suburban backyards everywhere! It’s like a breath of fresh air, a turning of the tides…vegetable gardens

Neighbourhood blocks, these days, seem to have liberally scattered garden stakes peeking cheekily over their fences.  Or visible rows of shrubbery, in all shades of green, tall, low, climbing, extending eagerly towards the sky.

Some beds are bare & ready, some are ripe with crops, & others fat with anticipatory harvest.

We see them in small spaces, on decks, in large plots, on school grounds, in pots…..vegetable gardens

   We see roadside stalls of all shapes & sizes, offering their treasures. These laden & varied structures are often colourful & fascinating of character, a testament to the personalities who built them.

They always make me smile, at their richness & their generosity.vegetable gardens

The abundance overflows into the community, like a warm handshake with the bloke next door, or a treasured gift to a grateful recipient, a prized bounty for the lucky ones…..

And a few dollars are stashed away, in honour of the tireless toil it takes to produce this fresh & healthy lushness. Well earned & well deserved!vegetable gardens

   So let’s consider a few benefits of having your own little backyard food factory…

  •  Produces organic (pesticide-free), healthy veggies for your family’s tummies
  • Makes meals much tastier, & more personal
  • Connects the family & provides us with outdoor activity
  • Gives us a platform to watch weather patterns & learn about natural growth cycles
  • Creates lasting memories & cultivates food choices
  • Teaches little people many of life’s lessons & everyday skills
  • Dramatically lowers food costs
  • Uses precious land productively
  • Maybe even helps with a lighter environmental footprint by minimizing bulk storage & transportation.vegetable gardens

Many of us grew up with this childhood memory, & group activity.

For some, it is solo therapy, time-out from the madding crowd, space to breathe unhindered, to recharge & reconnect. A place of solace is the backyard garden for many…vegetable gardens

 The backyard veggie patch is arguably good for the mind, body & soul, as well as the wallet.

Personally, I am no gardener, I dabble in herbs….but for me, the pleasure of cooking with fresh produce is stimulating, connected & desirable, to say the least.

When a happy little green-thumb provides me with lush & bountiful pickings, fresh from a lovingly tended garden, a joyous plate of yumminess will inevitably be the answer, & the reward :))Black Garlic

The blessings of the back-yard veggie garden are plentiful for both the grower & the cook, the fruits of their respective labours a little more sweet in the sharing!

The tendrils of this article entwine cheerfully around our recent post “Food Forest Family”. Please take a look… gardens

Any thoughts on either topic? Do you grow your own? What do you love about it? We would be really interested….


  1. I start gardening at a very young age as did my wife. The working of the soil is just the start of a wonderful growing season. The taste of farm fresh produce makes a hugh difference in the taste of the Meal. As a chef, I am pleased when I met another chef that takes the extra steps to purchase from local farmers and share those great tastes in his/her restaurants. It is great to see all the new mini-farmers that are starting to raise a few items in their back yards. I, like you, plant herbs so that I can pick as needed…they do so much to lift a bland dish to something extra special.

    • Yes William, that’s awesome! What fabulous feasts you would produce in your house from your combined tastes :))
      Love the “mini-farmers” as you so cutely put it; to be encouraged & applauded!
      As a caterer, our fresh herbs give the platters a fresh & loved flourish to the food displays :)) everybody loves that! xx

  2. Love em or hate em? Does anybody actually HATE a backyard garden??? If they do it’s their problem. Everyone should have one. Even if it’s a little balcony version.

    • Yay Sara, I agree with you!!! We would all be so much better off for a variety of reasons if we got our hands back into mother earth from time to time. And the taste of just picked produce is unbeatable.
      But there are those who find backyard gardens, tiresome, messy, a burden, even ugly…it’s a good thing that we are all made in different packages :))
      Thanks for stopping by & joining in Sara, cheers Roni xx

  3. Wonderful post, Roni. I think the excitement that is growing over growing your own food is a very valuable thing. Growing your own food is so beneficial in so many ways, and can provide exercise, improved nutrition, and a sense of community. I love the idea of sharing what you have too much of (like the free bananas photo above) with others. Swapping is fun,too!

    • Thanks Amy…couldn’t agree with you more! You have hit the nail on the head.
      Let’s hope the ripple effect becomes contagious & the ground-swell infectious…all in the biggest, healthiest, joyous & generous way possible :)) cheers xxxx

  4. I love this post Roni – more power to the home gardener!

    • Yes Caro, hear! hear!
      I think the trend is picking up….& this time it’s an awesome band-wagon to jump on board with :))
      The blessings are bountiful….xxxx

  5. What a wonderful post Ronnie, I love it. I find having the earth between my fingers so rewarding and watching things grow from seeds makes my heart sing. Eating things we’ve grown puts me in seventh heaven. I am planning for next year already XXX

  6. You are such a smart cookie Anita-Clare, for many layered reasons, as you’ve just illustrated in your comment :))
    Thank you for stopping by, & for being passionate….cheers Roni xx

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