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Bearnaise Beautiful! Breakfast Treat…& so much more.

Bearnaise Beautiful!

Breakfast Treat…& so much more.

 What is the difference between Hollandaise & Béarnaise?


Both are essentially warm flavoured mayonnaise.

Considered the mother sauce throughout Europe, hollandaise came first, & béarnaise is the most loved variation. The difference is in their flavouring….hollandaise uses lemon juice, whilst  with béarnaise this is substituted by white wine vinegar, tarragon, shallots & sometimes chervil, & has a stronger flavour. Basically the difference is the reduction (over hot water) of vinegar & herbs for béarnaise, instead of the lemon juice for hollandaise.

Add this reduction to hollandaise for a quick fix béarnaise.

For a simple & quick version…here’s what we do!

About 1 egg per serve, so this is plenty for 6

  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1/8 cup tarragon vinegar
  • Small pinch salt
  • 250g. butter

Boil in microwave container with lip or corner.

(maybe a plastic take-away container, sit lid on top to avoid splashes all through microwave)

Blend yolks, vinegar & salt in processor. With motor running, slowly pour in boiling butter.

Good to go!Big breakfast with all the goodies

Hollandaise is best over eggs, the lemon juice provides acid. It should be almost frothy & have the aroma of butter.

Also fantastic with poached fish or steamed vegetables.

Béarnaise should be smooth, creamy & tepid, & because of its stronger flavour, it’s great over asparagus, roast potatoes, chicken, fillet  steak, even salmon & crab.

  • You can add champagne for an upmarket touch.
  • Or mint instead of tarragon & serve with lamb.
    breakfast platters

    Breakfast Platters

How to fix a “turned” sauce (if it won’t thicken or has curdled.)

Put tblspn. of turned sauce into clean bowl & whisk with tblspn. of lemon juice til thickens. Drizzle in bits to this mixture letting each addition thicken before adding more.

Prime dangers for curdling…excessive heat.

For separating….adding butter to fast.


  • To tighten it up a bit, use a drop or 2 of cold water, to loosen it up use warm water.
  • Use eggs at room temp.
  • Add butter slowly to avoid curdling &/or separation.
  • It will keep 1-2 days out of fridge. 5-6 days in fridge.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Rewarm in hot water bath for few minutes, stir occasionally.

Did you know?

A tblspn. of mayo has 100 calories, & 11 grams of fat, (we probably didn’t want to know that, but at least this way we get to make a conscious choice, & then enjoy it whole-heartedly.)

Another of our must-have sauces in the book “Seven Saucy Secrets”gluten free chicken roulade stuffed with roast red capsicum, macadamia pesto & camembert

Bearnaise Beautiful! Breakfast Treat…& so much more.

And have you ever  wondered  about the difference between a chef & a home cook? Or why people eat out?

The secret is in the sauce…..


  1. IfI had to sum up my love of food in one word, it would be- sauces! Thank You

  2. IfI had to sum up my love of food in one word, it would be- sauces! Thank You

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