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Big Girls Pants!

Big Girls Pants!IMG_5734

Okay, so today I have no excuses, I have a free day. I must put on my big girls pants & push through my discomfort. I must go off solo exploring.

I strip myself of jewellery, wear big baggy sleeves to cover the bracelets that won’t come off & head out into the wilds. It’s kind of hazy but warm enough. I have a shopping bag, nothing fancy, into which I have stashed keys, phones, euros & a bottle of water.

I think I will take myself to the cioccolateria, where I have been once before, & where they tell me is just up the street from us. It’s not too long before I realize that I have zigged when I should have zagged, or something like that :)) Never mind, I need a good walk…IMG_5735

And so eventually I end up in a Main Street, lots of shops, lots of people. Always interesting…

I head one way, & then remember Nicoletta saying she was taught to always head downhill towards the sea when you are trying to find your way home. I wasn’t going home yet, but I did need some things at the supermarket while I was out & knew it was in the opposite direction.IMG_4537

I notice my thoughts…I am not afraid, but it feels almost pointless roaming around aimlessly. As someone who has grown up within a large family environment, it just doesn’t sit right or even make a whole of sense to me.

Interesting observation I thought.IMG_4970

Eventually I started to recognise landmarks which was comforting…& I laugh when I find myself grocery shopping, & then it seems warm & almost familiar. (Everything is in another language remember, with different checkout systems, but similar disgruntled service staff…I am polite, I try to make them smile:))

Once I have loaded my bag with pantry staples, I head home to unload. I cut through a small alley that the palazzo staff have named Jasmine Lane.

It’s clean & feels safe…& I am happy to see the two gleaming bronzed lion heads on our giant front doors.IMG_5721

But I am not done yet, I will give this chocolatier place one more shot. Driven by hunger, I use this to propel me towards a clean space, a hot chocolate & good food. Besides it’s just up the street. Right?

No, I am lost again :)) I laugh at myself & head back to our long street. I will explore it first…& I will buy something before I go home. This is my challenge!

I look, I find, no one speaks English, & I don’t speak Italian…I leave empty handed!IMG_4723

At the bakers I find yummy things in display cabinets, & so we do the dance… panini, uno, point, microwave? no, I take away, I go. I take my parcels & a ticket, I pay.

That was okay… I have food :)) I will give this another go…at the fruit stall. Point, big salad, uno, costa? Hold out a handful of change…I have more food :))

I’m on a roll now..I will buy some torroni from the nut man. I point, hold out my euros, say Grazie & I’m on my way home with my goodies! Mission accomplished!IMG_4192

Except I never did get that cup of coffee…I reward myself with a chocolate & go visit a friend within the palazzo walls, safe & sound :))

PS I found the map that we had originally written instructions on, on that first day here…Lorenzo’s the cioccolateria is close by…I see where I have made the error in my ways. And my friend Carla, has just been to Lorenzo’s & bought me a goodbye cake from there before she heads back to Bologna later today. What a lucky girl I am!!!

Tomorrow it shall be a special celebratory coffee when I finally find my way to Lorenzo’s :))IMG_4298


  1. Hi Roni, looovin your blog, I see you n the new Airmacpro have made it to the rooftop, apartment9!! Pls tell me you did find Lorenzo’s…??? Did you manage to stumble across Vucceria again? Palermo… Energy 🙂

    • lol…yes Val, all of the above. In fact I think I will just go reward myself now for all this posting & pictures & sharing today. Thank you for reading…& especially for replying :)) It lets me know someone cares…:)) xxxx

  2. Roni,
    What an adventure! I know what you mean about shopping for food–no matter where–as being familiar and comforting! What a lovely place!

    • Oh Amy, it’s just so amazingly different to everything I am used to…so the food is my familiarity & comfort of course :)) I know you can relate…thanks for sharing with me xxxx

  3. I can relate living the past 6 months in Mexico and not speaking Spanish. Although it is a little easier because most places speak some English or I am with someone that does. But on those times that I venture out by myself, I seem to run into a lot of people that speak only Spanish. This leads to the famous sigh language and the fear that I will be over paying for every thing. As for the walking when alone I am mostly worried about getting lost and not being able to explain where I need to be, so I carry my address with me at all times. These are the times that memories are made of, thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Hello Chef William, that is so kind of you :)) I was a bit reluctant to expose my under belly as it were, but it seems that many people have an empathy, an encouragement & an understanding :)) thanks heaps…it’s all good :)) abbracci (means hugs :)) xx

  5. What a beautiful story!!! An awesome day of adventure… And look at you go… You’re taking photos!!! I’m so proud!!! Love you Mama xxx

    • Special thanks to you lovely lady…you’ve got no idea what it means to have someone listening when you are flying solo in a strange world :)) love you to the moon :)) xxxxxx

  6. Ha ha fantastic post, and I so relate! Having lived in a few paces now… although that can’t really be my excuse, I have always got lost wherever I am, and my languages (not being that good anyway) seem to cross over somehow … heck I am confused! LOL

    • Hey Cher, thanks for the lovely reply…yes it seems like many people relate to the mystery of a strange new place in foreign lands :)) here’s to discovery…xx

  7. Roni, I can so relate to your feelings, but oh my goodness – what a huge learning curve and how lovely to read your thoughts. You are so brave, and you know, in another few weeks it will all seem so easy and you’ll be just another Sicilian with friends to chat with and washing to hang out and food to take home.
    Loving your adventures x Jeanne

    • lol, yes Jeanne, you are so right :)) I know it will be like this….but for now it’s nice to share :)) Thanks for spending the time & understanding….what adventures we will all have this time next year!!!! Awesome….xxxx

  8. Getting lost is part of the fun. Before long you’ll feel at home and laugh about this. Enjoy the coffee when you find it.

    • lol, yep I will. It’s all good….:)) I eventually found Lorenzo’s & decided to have a hot chocolate instead….it was liquid melted chocolate!! Had to drink it off the spoon it was so thick…omg! chocolate fondue in a cup!! :)) It was yummy, & laughable…but today I think I will try for a coffee :)) xxx

  9. Loving your photos too Ronica

  10. Great pics Roni, you’re doing so well. I feel like I’m transported there for just a few minutes when I read your blog. One of those translation phone apps might help you a bit in the beginning but of course you’ll be talking like a local in a couple of weeks.

    • lol…yes Fran, lot’s of us have phone apps, thank goodness for them too I say! :)) Must also say, they teach you patience & a little humility as well…which is always a good thing! Not at all sure about the speaking like a local thing though :)) Glad you can paint your own picture from the little stories…thank you, love xx

  11. I love your stories, you should write a book about these adventures of yours. It would be a masterpiece. Much love always xoxoxo

    • lol, hello my darling sorella :)) of all the sisters I’ve got, you are the first who’s answered my call….thankyou precious:)) enormous appreciation xxx

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