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Birthday Weekend…Joyous!



It’s my birthday this weekend :)) So when I came across this old post just thought it may make a real contrast to what we’ve got planned for this year….enjoy!

27 April 2012

This is to pay homage, show my gratitude & to share my delight with all my special friends…love ya!


The actual day was last Friday, but the celebrations began Thursday evening…phone calls from afar, my mum, my brother. And messages started beaming in through the cosmos from 4.30am the next morning. Crazy yoga, jogging friends….:)

Walking in the fresh dawn with a girlfriend at 6.30am, breakfast with sisters at 8am, daughter to spend the morning at 9.30am.


As it was National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day, so what better dessert to offer the crowd we were expecting for dinner?  Off we went to purchase the appropriate ingredients, & then to meet a particularly special mature lady friend, at a local café for lunch.

Clare greeted me with a spectacular pastry torte, based on the famous St. Honore cake. Hand-made everything…pastry, profiteroles, jam roll, custard, toffee…& a delicately cut & placed strawberry design with her little arthritic hands… Bless her! How special…

So that meant absolutely no need to bake a cake, right? And more time to celebrate! I did however, throw in some g/f, d/f, s/f bread though…warm & ready for the evening meal.

And friends called in, trucks stopped by delivering flowers (twice), the phone ran hot, pressies were opened, & all of a sudden it was 6pm. Family & friends started arriving, the Paella & Carona’s challenge was on!


Had never made paella before, & as my sister gave me a huge paella pan for my birthday, we thought it would be a perfect reason to have a go! All the ingredients were collected & prepped, & the limes for the Corona’s fresh & juicy off our own tree, magnificent!

Chicken, choritzo, prawns, mussels, scallops… it was yummy, & easy. Veges, stock, herbs & spices…oh! & short grain rice. Several people took a turn at stirring, relishing in the wafting scents, observing the colours & textures as this huge dish developed, & adding some love.


My sneaky children had organized for my eldest daughter,  (whom I wasn’t expecting,) to surprise me with her presence. They distracted me, I was speaking with her on the phone, & she walked through the front door!!

It was so exciting, the kids threw themselves around her legs….all my children were with me! So stoked!! So spoilt…


It was a precious evening on the deck….. Paella, Carona’s, gorgeous balmy night, a few friends & my special family. And that cake!

Humbled & honoured. Delighted, joyous & grateful.


Lip smacking good…yummo!

Early Saturday beach walk with the family who could make it out of bed, a quick garage sale with a great score, breakfast at the local farmers markets with all, including the late wakers. The weeks fresh produce drooled over & stashed away, then off to soccer for the little boys much loved play.

A light lunch of tasty platter foods, dips, cheeses, olives, salami’s, vege sticks…all from our earlier market forage, fresh, crisp, not far from their roots.

Then we all parted company, off to our respective nests to recuperate a bit.


Sunday brought  a family gathering, picnic, fabulous climbing tree &  old miniature steam train rides in a beautiful park close by. Who new?  Fabulous little bit of history, a cheap outing, right under our noses.

And the amazing bit is that we were there with the next generation…one of our daughter-in-laws used to go there when she was a little tacker!! How special…


My lovely  Clare also gave me a ticket to The Long Apron, where I’d been wanting to go for months, to a Plates For Mates lunch & silent auction. For Matt Golinski.

So I flew home from the kids  & the park, dressed up pretty pink, & off I took myself to this picturesque winery, Clovelly Estate.

Champagne, live music, beautiful food, good company, not a cloud in the sky…..charming afternoon!


It took me way out of my comfort zone to go off to a luncheon without knowing a soul, but it was with like-minded people, & for a very worthwhile cause.

That’s the beautiful experience I gave myself for my birthday….

There were so many lovely little behind-the-scenes stories…like our old knife-sharpener man, who constantly travels around the coast bringing all our knives back to razors-edge sharp, who I owed $5 to from my last visit by him.

He was surprised to see me out of uniform when I ran into him at the little cafe for lunch, & after discovering  it was a celebration day, insisted I not pay…. keep it, buy myself a drink, on him…so sweet.

Home at dusk, wined, dined & sated in many pleasant  ways.  A little rest & restoration before going off to work the next morning, plenty of hearty baking, & lucky me! Two more gifts from the girls in the café!!

I have been spoilt! It has been wonderful!

Thankyou to all my gorgeous friends…)) a whole load of love from me!!!

  1. Wow…lots of yummy food! That upside down pineapple cake made me hungry! I love how you were able to go to some place new without knowing anyone…I like to do things like that occasionally too. 🙂 Seems like you had a wonderful birthday!

    • Thanks so much Jessica…yes, it was a special dinner for a cause I feel deeply about. Besides we all know it strengthens the character to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone :)) And yes, I’m a bit spoilt!!! love Roni xx

  2. Wow…that food looks sensational and what a load of fun! being spoiled is precious!

    Cheers Di

  3. Thanks Di…you are so right!! :)) love Roni xx

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