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Cafe’ Culture…it’s an interesting phenomenon!

Vegemite Mondays. The breakfast of champions!
Monday Toast & Vegemite
Cafe’ Culture…it’s an interesting phenomenon!
As a free-lance chef & café owner over lots of years, there have been many, many interesting patterns in human behaviour to witness.

One such little giggle observation of mine has been the breakfast habit. It seems that old “Monday Blues” thing really does carry a bit of collective weight…:)) We call it Vegemite Mondays.
Lemonade scones, fresh berry jam & dollop cream
Our customers straggle in, most often still fresh & damp from the morning wake-up shower, perhaps indicating a little slowness in getting started, or themselves being last on the attention list.

Coffee! First it’s the coffee! And then for those who need to eat, it’s usually something light, like a muffin straight out of the oven, maybe some fruit loaf, or a scone with jam & cream. Or toast, with Vegemite!

Settled now, they gather in the courtyard, pushing tables together. Or filter randomly in, chatting across the chairs, a quick catching up, telling stories of their adventures, & just generally bouncing off each other.
Raspberry & white chocolate muffins...yum!

It’s a warming, pleasant, even quite intimate snapshot of adults, freed of domestic activity, sharing a moment, & most often a laugh, before rushing off into the mad world of demands & responsibility.

It’s fun hearing the orders come in, the regulars telling of their weekend experiences….

In the kitchen, slice after slice of toast, white, wholemeal or rye, pops out of the toaster. The sweep of butter seeps into the crunchy warmth of the bread beneath, & the spread of Vegemite dances lightly across the surface. Our favourite old standby, even as adults!

I wonder if it’s sentimental? Is there something nurturing there, that takes us back to feeling protected & safe as children, being free of giant hassles, of play & ease of being?
Big breakfast with all the goodies
Or is it just a hangover from a big, busy weekend? Or a chaotic start to a new week? (no time for breaky at home, kids, lunches, school.) The morning organization just not quite as honed on the first days back….

And, believe it or not, as the working week unfolds, the breakfast orders become more substantial. In their actions, our good people are saying “Bring on the weekend. I’m alive. I’m keen. I’m hungry…..,” & off they go with a bounce into the last days of the working week.

I love being part of this wacky species. It makes me smile…..:))

  1. Great post…brought a smile to my face…and a longing for breakfast out…free of domestic responsibilities!

    • Hi Megan…still working out the bugs:)) just replied to you via Liz! You have got to laugh…so glad you liked the story & took the time to say so. Thankyou, enjoy your breakfasts out always…:))

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