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Camp Quality. Dine At Mine Morning Tea. Come join us!

Camp Quality. Dine At Mine Morning Tea. Come join us!Morning tea

Dine at Mine:

It arrived in my email box, an invitation from Camp Quality to host a fundraising foodie event.Morning tea

I must admit there might have been a little rush of delight, a flutter of possibility, an inner squeal of anticipation. All for an absolutely worthy cause…a cause that no doubt fosters similar feelings when received by our special sick little people.

You wonder how you can help….& then the idea presents itself, in your face, right up your ally. And you excitedly jump on board.Morning tea

It’s fun to hatch, then work on a plan unfolding.

You choose a venue, a food style, a colour scheme perhaps, a suitable date & time, and the ball starts rolling.

You make lists, design a menu, secure some food donations, create an events page, get some invitations out & start promoting.teapot & flowers

You sort out things to raffle & gather the required support equipment, like linen, glassware, cups & saucers, coffee plungers, scissors, string, you get the drift…

You enlist some friends to help on the day, you shop, you continually fine-tune, you wonder if you’ve thought of everything.Morning tea

And then you cook. You put on some cruisey music (whatever it is for you,) lock out the world, & you produce beautiful things. Tasty, pretty treats.

All the while refining your end image. It takes on a life force of its own…Morning tea

You get up at the crack, pack it all up, run around picking up all the last minute stuff, delicately deliver your precious goodies, unload & set about presenting a picture book table.

There’s bunting to hang, charts & donation boxes to mount, chairs to place. Flowers, flavoured water, tea pots & platters to set

And then there’s all the final things. The scones in the oven, the little finger sandwiches, the chocolate strawberries. The tea, the coffee, the champagne on ice.

I’m all about making memories….oh, & food ???? (& gatherings of special people.)

So in light of the latest Camp Quality initiative to help send sick kids off to have a fun experience with like-minded people, I am hosting a Dine At Mine morning tea. On Monday 12th of September. At 10am.Morning tea

Who wants to come? You are all invited….click on the link to find out where.

You turn up, you donate, you have a good time, meet some amazing people & eat yummy food. And most importantly, you help sick kids find some magic.

So come join us! See you on the donation board, or around our laden table ????Morning tea

  1. Your amazing xxx

    • Lol, god love your little cotton sox :)) Camp Quality is amazing, & so are all the hard working people helping & supporting them. Big love …

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