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Celebration Saturday. Fun Recipes (little bit naughty)


Celebration Saturday….fun recipes (little bit naughty)

We thought it was time for a couple of fun recipes….they lift your life, & help you celebrate & share with gusto :))

Here’s a couple of quick & easy, sensational sweet sauces…always handy to have on standby for that unexpected treat!

In the new book coming out soon, called Seven Saucy Secrets, we have decided to throw in a few extra bonuses.

This selection suggests the most popular, all-time favourites, tried & true, used in all sorts of ways, over & over again.

We encourage you to be bold, & turn the ordinary into the unforgettable. Use your imagination & give them your own spin…


Bonus Recipe #1.

Chocolate Ganache.

300mls. cream & 500grms. chocolate…..gently melt over water bath on stove, (we do ours in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time, stir, repeat.)

That’s it, it’s that simple…ahhh! But the things you can do with it!!!!

It is liquid gold, chocolate silk, sinfully sensual…& absolutely yum!


  • We flood cakes & slices for a beautiful satin covering instead of icing.
  • Let it set & pipe it on things to give it pattern & texture.
  • Make chocolates out of it, or truffles (add alcohol, roll them in choc sprinkles or fine chopped nuts.)
  • Fabulously gorgeous as a sauce on cake, puddings, with ice-cream or extra dollop cream.
  • Warm & molten with fresh strawberries or bananas & nuts.
  • And as a wickedly lush treat, you can add golden syrup & peanut butter, (we prefer crunchy,) for an even more decadent topping for your ice-cream. This version is good enough to bottle.

Go, give it a try…you will love it!

Bonus Recipe #2.

Russian Caramel Sauce.

300mls. cream, 100grms. butter & 1 cup brown sugar.

Melt these down in a saucepan, giving it a bit of a stir from time to time, & on low heat, let it just lightly bubble away for a while.

It will become thicker & darker the longer you leave it, which depends on your preference. You could use it as soon as it is melted & combined, or let simmer for a richer, more buttery sauce.

  • It’s awesome used where ever you want a caramel or butterscotch sauce….
  • Ice-cream, puddings, cake, tarts.
  • It is particularly gorgeous with fruity puddings.
  • Caramelized apples or bananas with pancakes…throw fruit & sauce in a pan & let the flavours meld.
  • Try drizzling it over poached pears…so good.

You can even make it dairy-free if you use coconut cream instead of real cream. Simmer a little longer for thickness. And it will be slightly less golden.

Both these recipes keep a couple of weeks in the fridge, just scoop out the required amount & bring back up to warm.

They can also be frozen if you can’t manage to find a plethora of ways to sample their sensational taste within that time. Or you could simply halve the amounts.

They will also be a little thinner once they are warmed, but the taste will still be there for you at the press of a button.

  1. Now that little lot looks amazing. I’m not especially fond
    of sweet things but these delights look mouthwatering thanks for sharing and have a
    Fabulous weekend 🙂

    • Thanks A.C. :)) me either with sweet things (most of the time) but these come in handy over & over again. You have an awesome weekend xx

  2. I’m still dreaming of the chocolate cake Roni made with ganache as a topping/side – OMG !!!!

    • lol Kim, thanks huni :)) We will have you up & running with your own equally yummy version any day now.
      And we would love photos for all to see if you can remember before you all dive in for the taste tests :))
      What the heck, even after the sampling….xxx

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