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Chicken & Vegetable Stack

Recipe Romance…Mid-Week Meal Ideas.
Chicken & Vegetable Stack

Here’s another good idea for that mid-week meal…
For your Chicken & Vegetable Stack, you will need 6 flat breads. They can be gluten free or not, pitta breads, lavash, even flavoured wraps if you like.
Golden Chicken & Vegetable Stack

Next, we make a chicken & vegetable mix like bolognaise or lasagne sauce, & also a spinach & ricotta mix for alternate layers.

And you need about 1/3 cup of white sauce (which you can make g/f if needed), or even just a bit of cream to spread over the top for the cheese to stick to.

We use a spring form cake tin to cook ours in, much easier to unmould & the stack looks sensational at the table for everyone to serve themselves.
The two mixtures

So to make the chicken mixture…

*Cook off 1 kg chicken mince, 1 chopped onion & 1 tspn crushed garlic.
*Add red capsicum, eggplant, wedge of pumpkin, zucchinis, all small diced. You can use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, but we usually keep ours with a Mediterranean feel. And you can make it loaded or less in the veggie department, depending on your choice.

*Give the whole mix a bit of a cook through then add a bottle of pasta sauce, season & let simmer for 10-15 mins. until most of the liquid is absorbed (wet but not runny:))
Flatbread Round

TIP You can add a little instant mash for a firmer mixture if you prefer.

*Meanwhile, mix about 500g ricotta, 2 cups sliced spinach (or baby spinach, or even a thawed packet of frozen spinach,) an egg, salt & pepper & a pinch of nutmeg.

*Sit your cake tin on top of your 6 flat breads & cut around with sharp knife to get desired size.

*Spray tin, place first bread on bottom. You will have 3 layers of meat mix & 2 of spinach. So visually divide the mince into 3 portions in the pot.

*Scoop one portion into tin & spread to edges. Add another layer of bread, ½ the ricotta & spinach mix & repeat, putting flatbread between each layer. Flat bread, mince, flatbread, ricotta, flatbread, mince, etc.
Spinach & Ricotta Layers

*Finish with flatbread & cover with white sauce, or cream. Sprinkle with grated cheese & make a pretty spiral pattern with a squirty bottle of tomato sauce.

*Cook in mod. oven 180* till golden brown on top, maybe ½ hour.

Once again, your Chicken & Vegetable Stack is great with your favourite salad (or mashed potatoes & greens for a bigger meal.)
Chicken & Vegetable Stack ready to pop in the oven

It also cuts really well when cold, & feeds a hungry crowd.

Here are a couple more mid-week meal ideas….

White sauce, sprinkle of cheese & tomato sauce swirl

  1. What a fantastic idea…might have to give this a go this week

    • Good on you girl…hope you enjoy! Make it your own, put anything with it you like…:))

  2. oh wow! That looks so good! Have to give it a try.

    • thanks Diana…let us know what you did to make it your own :))

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