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Chopping Boards!

Chopping Boards.

Let’s talk choices…


Recently, much research has been done putting plastic, marble & wooden chopping boards to the test.

We’ve been having a little play ourselves here at Food That Sings, but we can’t do the scientific stuff…just personal preference :))

Chop, slice, dice. Flexible, rigid, with feet, all sorts of shapes. Glass, bamboo, steel, rubber. Big boards, small boards & everything in between….file431243652804

It’s all about health & hygiene primarily, but your choice & how they feel under your knives is also a major factor.

Plastic was once considered the most hygienic, but now they say timber as it has natural anti-septic properties. IMGP5051

You could imagine the bacteria on plastic boards would spread more easily, & breed in the cuts left by knives.

And apart from marble being brutal on your steel, it’s understandable that bad bacteria could spread quickly across that smooth wide surface.IMG_9639

Wood has some advantages in that it has limited self-healing properties; shallow cuts can close up on their own. It stands to reason then that timber boards draw fluid & bacteria into the wooden structure where it will dry out & die.

Teak, for example, has components of natural oily resins that repel moisture, fungi, warping, rot and microbes. There is no warm, moist place for bacteria to populate, & so no way to spread.

Makes sense to me…plus they are kind to your knives!file0002070307165

Tips for choosing & maintaining a wooden chopping board:

  • Choose a tight grained hardwood board so bacteria can’t multiply in deep cuts.
  • A quick scrub after use & then a thorough dry out is perfect. Don’t go for the long soak.
  • And it doesn’t do them any good to put them in the microwave or dishwasher.
  • You can treat them when they look a bit dry, about once every 2 months, with a light food-grade mineral oil, or a food-grade drying oil like poppyseed.
  • In general, edible veggie oils or olive oils are not recommended because they tend to go rancid.file4741298583098

The aim is to preserve them….if we look after them, they will be our friends for years :))

What’s your preference? Do you have a favourite board?


  1. I have 3 … One marble one wood & one bamboo …. Generally don’t use the marble one for chopping x

    • Nice variety Kel…do you have a preference?
      We have loads of them & use them all for different sorts of things as you would imagine.
      I like the feel of timber under my blade best though, & it was interesting finding the results of the research, don’t you think?
      Cheers for sharing your thoughts :)) love Roni xx

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