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Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve has burst upon us! It has jumped out from behind the food, the parties, the shopping, the deliveries, the planning & organizing….it’s here!

As you could imagine, here at Food That Sings, we have been very absorbed with helping others to celebrate the end of their year, to say thanks to those who worked hard beside them, & to get into the spirit of a few precious days to unwind & keep some balance happening.Champagne Sunrise

Today we pack all the hampers for the bed & breakfast guests up the range. They get away from the madding pace, but everyone still needs a Christmas feast! It’s such fun & they look so pretty.

And we have still got lots of playing to make the New Year’s Eve count-down memorable for a few lucky folk.Baked ham

Amidst all that, somehow, in our home, the gifts have been wrapped, the feast has been sorted, & all the pretties have found their annual homes for yet another innings (although I must admit there will be some last minute pulling together of final details throughout the course of this day :))



We will even cram a few down days in there too, gather special family & friends around, eat, drink & enjoy the pause :)) We will feel the magic & the excitement of the little people in our world, tear pretty paper off presents & watch the joy of the recipients.

Christmas treats

Christmas treats

By mutual design, our Christmas will be very low-key this year, which is kind of lovely for a change.  The family has spread out over a few states, & lots of us are encompassing the other side of our families, so we all decided to take it back to basics & just celebrate our communal love with much food & laughter. Oh & cocktails of course :))Pork belly & Hasselbacks

In the wee hours of this morning, I write to say how very much I appreciate you. I look at this poor neglected space where we sometimes communicate, & shake my head at how quickly time flies, at how busy we get….

I am grateful for all of your special contributions to my year, of your ever appreciated support, & your individual encouragements (big hugs :))

And I am reminded that relationships are like the garden that we lovingly tend, happily nurture & anticipate, & then gloriously reap the rewards along the journey. A bounty to share… Chocolate Mousse

So THANK YOU my friends! Rest & restore!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

So looking forward to living this next extraordinary chapter with you….

Buon Natale!Santa stockings


  1. Merry Christmas Roni! I am so happy for you and your upcoming journey!!! yay!! 🙂 <3

  2. Merry Christmas to you too April…thanks a million times for all your encouragement & support. You are Absolutely Awesome April AAA :))

  3. so good to catch up and here of your upcoming visit to Palermo, Sicily.Hope you have the best experiences, love rob and jude

    • Thanks guys, it was awesome to catch up with you too :)) (was that just yesterday?) And I reckon you can be assured of fantastic experiences….lots of foodie chats on the blog so looking forward to all your encouragement & questions :)) big love Roni xx

  4. How exciting for you! I do hope you’ll blog while you’re there. 🙂

    • hey Lauri, yep, that’s the plan, blogging all the way :)) stay tuned, & I know I will be homesick for your comments…so thank you in anticipation :)) xx

  5. Sounds like you had a great holiday! Wonderful opportunity in the palace in Italy for the Duchess! Our passions take us everywhere! Will be following to learn of your upcoming adventures!

    • Oh Amy thanks so much, for reading, for replying, for being encouraging & excited for me :)) How does this happen? I am a very lucky girl….you are so right about passions, cheers xxx

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