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Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers.dsc_6250

A special Christmas lunch for 2 lucky people, in hampers…so pretty, so yummy!

At this time of year, many people love to just take a break from the rushings & pressures of everyday life….& yet we all still love a fabulous meal.

And most of us are celebrating, even if it’s just having a holiday!

So, at the beautiful Treehouses of Montville, requests came for this wonderful food, in a bundle, ready to go.

Add a bottle of champagne, a couple of ice-cold beers & you’re ready to chill out. Happy days!

We loved putting together these gorgeous hampers…it felt Christmassy. It felt celebratory.

It felt like we were spreading the love…so to all you lovers of the finer things in life, bon appetite!


  1. I love that you call them Christmas Hampers. What a lovely gift for someone.

    • Merry Christmas Diana….I would have loved one too! The guests at Treehouses ordered them with their rooms if they choose too! :))

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