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Cook up for Mum & Dad.

Cook up for Mum & Dad.tea for two

And now for a cook up for mum & dad. Time to add some freezer fillers & get as many vegetables into their diet as possible.roast veggies

We are making a baked dinner with loads of crunchy veggies, roast pork & crispy crackling, apple gravy & all the trimmings.

The other half of the pork will go into the slow cooker for a sweet & sour casserole.roast pork

Sweet potato & ginger soup to answer mums love of ginger, plus leek & cauliflower soup with parmesan for their light evening meals.

Dad has requested silverside, cauliflower & broccoli with white sauce, & mashed buttery potatoes.sweet potato & ginger soup

And then as a treat for their sweet tooth, we are baking little apple & rhubarb pies & a chocolate almond fudge cake.

The pies bottoms didn’t cook well in the convection oven so we finished them off on the sandwich press. Handy bit of kitchen equipment!

Portion them up, pop them in the freezer to leave some delights for later enjoyment.rhubarb & apple pies

We ended up making 3 cakes because of the small size of mums tins, so they ate one for afternoon teas over the few days, & gave one each to the sisters who visit daily to see what they can do…good sisters!

(We live far away & are so grateful to them for taking care of our parents.)sandwich press magic

The bonus for me is the making of precious memories…while mum hovers around showing me where pots & assorted utensils are kept, she also delivers some tried & true gems.

Like putting salt in the water while cutting up apples to stop them from browning (who knew? I have always just floated them in water…) Also not to put sugar in the fruit while cooking because it doesn’t break down as well, instead add it at the end.apples

Daily we pop some fresh cooked love onto the table. They learn a few tricks, as do I.

Especially chuffed at the concept of adding stewed apples into gravy for the pork roast.roast pork

Both in their eighties now & with mobility challenges, as Dads primary carer, Mum definitely needs a bit of a hand in the meal prepping department. The thinking, the shopping, the organizing….

It’s a constant job with the medications & the timing of their

It has been a joy for me to assist these amazingly special people (…we all know playing with food & sharing that passion is my love language:))

I loved the one-on-one time with them, & felt honoured to listen to their stories, recollections & reflections. Blessed to witness the continuing fondness for the life they carved together, & the astounding love they continue to demonstrate.mum & dad

It has always been a most tactile & visible element in my sharing of life beside them. (And I forgot to turn on my bloody recorder!!!)

However I’m sure they’ve got a few more remarkably caring years between them yet!the magic begins

It is with a certain sadness that I leave the bosom of the family, & yet I bask in the gift of being absorbed into the pleasure of their lives well spent…

The appreciation & celebration of their journey. Their tenacity, application of creative solutions against adversity, & the belief in backing themselves.

bridal chariot

They say, through all life’s trials & tribulations, it’s been such fun. They wouldn’t have it any other way & they would do it all again in a heartbeat.

As the pains, challenges & years progress, their love & gratitude grows stronger (if that is even possible!)

What a blessing to have that attitude as our role model from day dot!pizzini wines

Around all this I have lunches with friends, play with sisters & nieces at a day spa, visit a winery & cooking school with siblings, buy shower heads, re-pot plants, set mum up on facebook….all the good stuff :))day spa

And isn’t it interesting after being the eldest of 11 children & spending a large chunk of my childhood in the kitchen, (as mums right hand man,) that I would become a chef!siblings

So it’s now a couple of plane rides interstate into the arms of the familiar & the hustle & bustle of everyday life….

As cliche as it is, the giant tapestry of the patchwork quilt beneath seems delicately plucked & dropped amid the rivulets & folds. With soft streaks of blue sky above & fluffy white clouds floating below, my heart is full, brimming to overflow, content for the flight home.

mum & dad

Love you so much Mum & Dad…..

  1. Hey Roni, I loved this post! I’m doing a similar thing right now with my elderly parents. Dad’s in hospital and I’m banging around in mum’s kitchen cooking meals and filling her up while we wait to move them both into aged care. Thanks for sharing… precious family x

    • Thanks lovely Jeanne…I was thinking of you so many times during that week :))
      Yes, it’s that fine line between pleasure & pain for me….sweet memories & stark realities.
      However, it was an honour & such a joy.
      Treasure every moment…

  2. I love this. Aren’t you wonderful for stocking the fridge with easy to prepare meals? More importantly, you listened to the same stories you’ve heard all your life and pretended they were brand new. I knew about no sugar until the end but not the salt water. I’ve always used a bit of lemon juice. Clever woman your mum.

    • Thanks Maureen…interestingly enough, I heard details that fly over your head as a child, making these times a story.
      It’s given me such a new appreciation for my already full childhood.
      And mum’s tips kept rolling….I love lost tips that are still applicable today :))
      Maybe there’s a book there…

  3. My Love for these 2 that will never Cease ..I have Loved Mum since the very first day … the day she chased me out of the kitchen with a jug cord ..the day that my dinner plate slid off the tray on my lap onto the lounge room floor whilst I was sitting next to Luigi … a man whom welcomed me into his family as one of his own ….. the Grandparents of my 2 eldest children …

    • lol…yes, we were lucky to have you brave this huge tribe & it’s colourful antics :))
      They were precious times & these are special people…
      Thanks Paul, for sharing & commenting.

  4. Tears flow down my face. You write beautifully Roni and I am so happy that you had the opportunity to share such precious time with Mum & Dad. They truly are beautiful people but they are also blessed to have you in their life and they would be so grateful for you taking time from your life to walk a few miles in their shoes. Huge love xo

    • omg! now you make my tears flow….I am the lucky one!!! Blessed to have shared that life, honoured to spend this intimate time.
      It’s all pretty amazing..
      Thanks & love you gorgeous girl xx

  5. Just beautiful Roni, you write with such love and passion. You are such an inspiration xxoo

    • oh Cath, thanks so much…they are the inspiration :))
      I am eternally grateful for their gifts xx

  6. So many people we know have ageing parents and it is truly a gift to share with them the fruits of your chefness… I’m sure they were heartily impressed!
    Amazing….how blessed we are to come from such great stock!

    • lol…we are blessed!!
      Don’t think they had much to be impressed about but they sure were appreciative :))
      Love the new word, think I’ll keep it…chefness.
      Thanks for all your support…love love
      Roni xx

  7. Sure looks like you had some great days with your folks this month and of course for the decades prior… mmmmm your roast smells awesome 🙂

    • It was special Val….great reminders too :)) & I make a roast for you…..mangia, mangia, eat more, eat more lol.

  8. I’ve had your the pleasure of dining with your parents years ago when they lived in Kiewa and I still to this day remember what your mum cooked for us and if I close my eyes I can taste it, such a wonderful cook and lovely lady. I have really enjoyed your story so beautifully written. Thanks for the cooking tips too!

    • Oh Sue, how lovely of you to say. So pleased you have such a vivid fabulous memory.
      Isn’t it extraordinary when you can still remember the taste of certain foods all those years later? And it takes you right back to that place…

  9. Thanks for sharing your memories

    • Thanks Sue, yes, they are very special people. So glad you got to sample some of their wares….such a wonderful training ground for me!

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