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Cooking School & Cellar Door.

Cooking School & Cellar Door.

Pizzinicellar door

On a recent trip back home to country Victoria, one of my major anticipations was a visit to Pizzini Wines. One of my brothers has worked with them on & off for years, & one of the owners Fred, was an old school friend many moons ago.

So the visit was organized & with my sister’s kindness, we drove into the lush green countryside. Beautiful! Stunning setting for this 4th generation winery.winery

This family operated vineyard is clearly a work of pleasure so not entirely sure the staff are actually working or just enjoying the company of visitors. The setting of the vineyard is an ex-tobacco farm and the converted buildings are being put to good use. Starting off as one does with the Tasting Room you can get an excellent introduction.

Part of the working winery, the cool new Pizzini cellar door has views of vineyards to mountains either side of the valley. The family welcome is warm and wines range from international through to modern Italian & gardens

Katrina Pizzini’s A Tavola! Cooking School is not to be missed.

See Pizzini website

Imagine the day you’d have, cooking & learning, dining & tasting wines…there’s a mellow confidence, a balm for the senses, all in the gorgeous King Valley in Victoria.recipe books

Here are a few of the classes being run throughout the year.

Basics For Beginners

Antipasti & Tapas

Tour of Street Food

Pasta, Ravioli & Gnocchi

Cheese Making, Camembert, Blue Vein, Parmesan, Ricotta & Bocconcinicooking school

Katrina Pizzini’s hands on classes will leave everyone empowered and inspired by the end of the session. Most classes are taught by Katrina, but guest chefs will also be invited to take certain classes. Most $140

The set up is fabulous…I want one!  You can see passion & attention to detail, feel absorbed by comfort & confidence in knowledge.

These guys work hard consistently, & a dynasty is created.cook shop

How much fun would this be?

The Dinner Party

Class & dinner $195 per person, dinner only $145
Gather six to eight couples for a great afternoon of cooking and a long evening of eating. Eight members of the group will spend the afternoon in the kitchen with Katrina preparing a four course feast while the remainder of the group can spend their time exploring the King Valley or relaxing with a book. In the evening everyone will gather in Pizzini’s cellar door to sit down to the dishes prepared during the afternoon, each course will be paired with a Pizzini wine. Minimum of 12 for dinner, maximum of 16.goodies to sell

For more info

While we were exploring on this day, the Master Chef crew arrived to interview & scout the location as potential hosts to facilitate a TV session.

We will have to wait & see….professional kitchen

As perfectly said by Author: James Halliday

“Fred and Katrina Pizzini have been grape growers in the King Valley for over 30 years, with a substantial vineyard. Originally much of the grape production was sold, but today 80% is retained for the Pizzini brand, and the focus is on winemaking, which has been particularly successful.

Their wines rank high among the many King Valley producers. It is not surprising that their wines should span both Italian and traditional varieties, and I can personally vouch for their Italian cooking skills. Katrinas A tavola! cooking school gives lessons in antipasti, gnocchi, ravioli, cakes and desserts, and of course, pasta. Exports to the UK and Japan.”gift vouchers

Couldn’t have said it better myself :))

I left Pizzini wines feeling impressed.pizzini wines

But more than that, delighted at the warmth of catching up on a life-time with an old school friend. A fellow travelling buddy while the buses ferried us miles everyday, to & from our homes & school.old school friend

Thank-you Fred, Katrina, & team…we’ll be back!Pizzini wines


  1. Wow, thank you for this post. I love hearing from people who love what they are doing. Just great. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ah Cecilia, thank you for appreciating….& who wouldn’t love this haven & all it’s treasures :))
      You are the kind of person we food bloggers love to have in our tribe….grazie bells xx

  2. I lived in Wodonga for years and it’s not far from the King Valley. John lived in Wangaratta for years and years and these folks have a wonderful reputation. I’d love to attend one of these classes.

    • Omg! What a small world Maureen…that’s where I come from.
      All my schooling was in Cheshunt in the King Valley, Wangaratta & Wodonga. Married & first home in Wodonga…how amazing!
      We must reminisce :)) xx

  3. Wow!!! What a blast from the past…
    And such a special area of Victoria to spend some of our formative years, it’s lovely too see what one of the ‘kids on the bus’ has done with his life!

    Well done you for following up, reconnecting and sharing their story with us…would love to do a cooking Class with them!

    Fred hasn’t changed a bit, well…. maybe the glasses.

  4. Yes it was awesome to follow up where one of us are half a lifetime later

    • good old phone apps :)) just deleted over half my comment while posting…sorry.

      I was just saying how much warmth there was in the catch up, like the years had just melted away.
      And yet worlds of activities have taken place & many stories have formed legacy.

      How much fun would it be to grab a few sisters & actually “DO” one of the cooking classes?
      ….Maybe even stay at the newly “hatted” Whitfield Hotel, also owned by the gorgeous Pizzini’s :))

  5. Grew up holidaying in Kiewa Valley every year and know this area well. I’ve googled and googled for cooking schools in Victoria and this has never appeared. Looks good, down to earth and realistic. Thanks.

    • Oh how wonderful Maree! So glad we could help (& that you found us :))
      Your site looks great & I’ve subscribed & “liked” your page…can’t wait to read more.
      Cheers Roni xx

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