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Creamy Pasta Sauce…recipes a little bit naughty!


Creamy Pasta Sauce

…recipes a little bit naughty!

It’s a quick, creamy pasta sauce today…& heaps of ways to use it!

If you have this one in your arsenal of pulling-a-meal-together tricks, you will be amazed at just how many yummy dishes you can quickly create. Tasty & impressive…. Add your favourite pasta, maybe even some left-overs, fresh or frozen veggies, bacon or chicken if you like, make it lower-fat, keep it gluten-free….its uses are endless!


Here at Food That Sings, we have had people who have regularly claimed ongoing batches of this tasty sauce, to sustain them in assorted ways, whilst recovering from post-operation duress. And folks who order it weekly for their family pasta nights.

It’s a favourite in restaurants, & at private functions, along with its chosen pasta & flavours….we even serve it in noodle boxes at parties.


  • Makes a great Carbonara Sauce…fry off your onion & bacon first, add squeeze lime juice, beaten egg if you like.
  • Fry off a handful of chicken strips & a tspn. laksa paste, add spinach, onion, red capsicum, golden squash, a few beans & a splash of fish sauce to your pasta sauce, for an Asian-inspired pasta dish.
  • Cook off your chicken strips & fold pesto through your creamy sauce. Add a few sundried tomatoes if you want colour.
  • We make pumpkin & pistachio ricotta ravioli…small cubes of pumpkin, nuts. Serve it with caramelized onions if you want the sweet juice running into your creamy sauce.
  • You can use it as Marinara Sauce…add some passata (crushed tomatoes).
  • How about with smoked salmon, capers, dill, red onion…
  • With spinach, mushrooms, cherry toms, basil leaves & your preferred pasta.
  • Roast some eggplant, fold through some chutney, fresh herbs, prawns….
  • You could even add some blue cheese & serve it over steaks, (or with pasta.)

You get the picture! While your sauce is simmering away, cook up your chosen pasta & prep the rest of your goodies….mmmmm, looking forward to it!


So for the evening meal, comfy & casual, for a few or a crowd, here it is….

Creamy Garlic Pasta Sauce.

Serves about 6 or 1 packet of pasta…

300mls. cream, ½ fill bottle with water, shake, add. (white wine works well instead if you prefer)

Gently simmer about 20-30mins. with 1 tspn. crushed garlic & seasoning to taste.(we use veggie stock powder)


You can reduce to whatever consistency you choose, as long as the heat is gentle. But remember, pasta soaks up much sauce so keep it a little thin.

Add handful of grated parmesan, & pour over your selected dish.

Crusty bread, crispy salad, bottle of red…..




  1. In college, my husband and I spent some time touring Italy, and I was amazed at what the cooks there could do with a simple sauce and some good pasta! I’ll add this one to my arsenal of quick meals–it looks wonderful!

    • Thanks Carolina & Amy…yep it’s so good to have simple secret sauces as your backstop…enjoy the goods :)) xx

  2. Wow. What awesome flavor combos. Yum.

  3. YUM! Gorgeous photography too x

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