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Crepes, Brownies & the One-Armed Bandit.

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School. Lesson #14 & #15.

Crepes, Brownies & the One-Armed Bandit.

Yesterday’s visit to the home for kids cooking classes was a bit wacky….first, they forgot I was coming & the kitchen looked like a disaster zone after a feeding frenzy :))

Then there were only 2 boys to cook with ‘cause all the girls had gone for a little holiday for a few days.

After debating & deciding that a bit of focused cooking with just the boys would be beneficial, & desirable, we rummaged through the pantry for staples. We searched the fridge for inspiration.

Alas, absolutely everything we thought we could concoct, seemed to have one vital ingredient missing.  Anything else suggested from what was available, the boys nominated not to eat…& with the girls absent, the whole making food exercise proved pointless.

So a preferred menu was devised, a shopping list constructed & a promise of a tasty wonderland on the next day agreed upon :))

Day 15 finds the house all sleepy & locked up! Everyone is out, except our Mr. Tall Boy, now known as the one-armed bandit!

Over the past couple of weeks we’d been discussing the topic of being able to do things with one arm out of action. His slant is he can’t do this or that. Our slant is yes you can, you find a way, you manoeuvre the situation to be accomplished :))

So with that in mind, we forged ahead….me on one side of the bench, conducting this adventure, & he on the other, making it happen :))

We had fun. An easy banter developed & our one-armed bandit found all sorts of ways to juggle the physical requirements.

At the boy’s request, we started with Chicken & Asparagus Crepes, & then Chocolate Brownies.

By himself, Mr. C poached the chicken, made the white sauce, assembled the filling, made the crepe mix & then cooked each crepe, flipping at half time. He constructed them all ready for lunch.

We made a few without chicken, added broccoli instead, & put them aside for mum, the only vegetarian left in the house.

A starving Mr C. consumed a few of these beauties with gusto, saving some for his little brother & baby sisters.

And then, amazingly, he found ways to make the brownie mixture :))

The home had recently purchased an electric Brownie Maker, & the kids had been wanting to put it to good use. So today was the day! The one-armed bandit gave it a happy work out, all the while anticipating the end result.

I think he even impressed himself…Good work Mr. Tall Boy!!!

  1. I like the way you write about children without compromising their privacy. The brownies look yummm!

    • Oh Charlotte how very sweet of you! Thankyou so much for your input….now maybe you can make yourself some yummy brownies :)) love Roni xx

  2. Great article, a little window into cooking with children, love it!!

    • Thanks Julie, it’s great! You are reminded of so many things from a refreshing perspective….:)) xx

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