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Delightful Dine at Mine Long Morning Tea for Camp Quality.

Delightful Dine at Mine Long Morning Tea for Camp Quality.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

Delightful for all of us who were lucky enough to attend.

It reminded us all, of just how blessed we are in so many ways.

And we remembered the importance of taking a few moments out of our busy lives to breathe in the fresh air & be grateful for our bounty. To absorb the visually stunning landscape surrounding us, meet & chat with some wonderful people with warm, embracing attitudes.  And taste lots of scrumptious goodies.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

The lead up to this Dine at Mine event is here, for any who missed it…                         

So now it’s time to chill, to bask in the soft balmy sun & the heady spring environment. A sensory overload! How could our long morning tea be anything but sensational!Camp Quality. Morning tea.

We were very fortunate to be lent this gorgeous home by some generous young friends. An Endeavour prize home with a gentle, open & welcoming feel.  A beautiful stage for our Dine at Mine function, the tranquil setting a precursor for our joyous morning. (Contact us here if you would like to hire it for any occasion, I will pass it on.)

So much gratitude to Fi & Johnny.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

Special thanks also to my suppliers who generously donated to such a worthy cause, Camp Quality.

Adam at PFD for bagels & cream cheese. Col at Brady’s for beautiful flowers. Suzie at The Cupcake Teahouse for cute little cakes. Flora for her delicious authentic baklava. Ange for her fresh picked strawberries. Helen for champagne to drink & wine to raffle. Carolyn @SheatherArt for one of her famous original art works. Jo for one of her awesome massages. And Toni for her amazing decorative screen.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

Oh my goodness! How do you thank everyone who participated in every way to our Long Morning Tea?

It was such fun….girls turned up early & got stuck into helping make it happen. The ladies came with open hearts, willing & able to make it a pretty feast & a sharing experience.  All were generous with their mingling, their spirit & their wallets.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

We had happy tummies, delighted prize winners & eager participants. Everyone donated with time, gorgeous platters of food & helpful energy.

And then, a special group of ladies set about the pull-down & clean-up. You know who you are….big love from me. We see everyone off with a care package of goodies & an eagerness to do it again.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

Yay!!! It takes a team to make a dream work. Thank you girls. It was a beautiful morning & we couldn’t have done it without you….huge hugs.

Now the counting is done….it turns out we are just $170 off reaching our target goal. We run the campaign for a few more days to get it up over the line.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

Hip hip hooray!!! We’ve reached the target goal!!! THANK YOU to you awesome human beings….in any language, we are humbled & so so grateful. Love to each & every one of you :))

It’s not too late. Please click on this link to help, every little bit will make a big difference….…

You can imagine how much this all means to the sick kids at Camp Quality.Camp Quality. Morning tea.

  1. Such a good cause and a lovely event!! Keep up the great work xx

    • Thanks Taymour. It really was lovely. Next time we will try to have one on a weekend so all you hard workers can come join us :))

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