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Don’t You Love How Easy It Is to Eat Healthy? Want tips?

Don’t You Love How Easy It Is to Eat Healthy? Want tips?easy healthy eating

Last week I contacted some real gurus in the industry & some great cookie-type people who are passionate about food. Big guns & young guns, local & international, all with an inspirational voice  & some great suggestions to help us make our choices.

I asked the question & humbly requested a short quote for a roundup post of expert answers to publish on this blog…
Here’s the topic for comment:
“Don’t You Love how Easy it is to Eat Healthy?”
Generously, these fabulous foodies have each sent a few personal words on a subject dear to all of us!! Some thoughtful tips, some amazing links with useful recipes. It’s so worth spending the time & having a look.
Here is a wealth of information that can ease your workload, seriously, both mentally & physically…easy healthy eating
Maureen from Orgasmic Chef: 
“Coming from an American background where so much comes from a box of processed food or from a freezer case of almost ready to eat meals, I understand why people assume that cooking a healthy meal is really difficult and time consuming. It’s not. It takes about 3 minutes to peel potatoes and carrots. While the slow cooker heats up, quickly sear the beef and then toss the potatoes, carrots, an onion, a bay leaf, some salt & pepper and some stock into the pot. Go to work and then when you get home, add some frozen peas and dinner’s done.”
easy healthy eating
Lolly from The Bliss Bomb Project:
“Personally, I believe it’s easier to eat nutritiously and deliciously when you keep things simple, and fresh. Buy fruit and vegetables weekly instead of fortnightly. Purchase produce that is in season, and use it at it’s peak. Meal plan, plan what you are going to make, and experiment with different vegetables; for example — instead of mashed potato, why not mashed parsnip? Instead of making the old pumpkin soup, maybe spice it up a bit ? A little spiced curry paste, and carrots – cost effective, delicious, and most of all nutritious!”
the bliss bomb project
Biddie from Tamarind:
“I do think about it the easiest way to eat healthy is to avoid all diet “fads” past, present and future, try to cut out as much processed food, especially anything with preservatives, but most important eat a huge variety of everything that you love!”
Anita-Clare from La Petite Bouchee:
“It’s easy to eat healthily if you buy the best ingredients you can and add layers of flavour. Herbs, spices, natural sweeteners like fruit juice. Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things. A few good ingredients make a delicious meal time after time.”
Amanda from Chew Town: 
“For me, the key to eating healthy is to be organized. I always have a list of tasty healthy recipes in a binder that I collect as I see them and every week I decide what I’d like to try. Alternatively I use recipes I already love and challenge myself to change the flavours to keep it interesting. I always buy fresh ingredients and produce and I find that having fresh ingredients forces me to cook and eat healthy as I hate to waste fresh food!”
Nagi from RecipeTin Eats:
“My biggest tip for eating healthy is to invest just 10 minutes a week into meal planning! If you actually apply your mind to it, you can think up a plan of interesting TASTY healthy meals and you’ll surprise yourself what a breeze it is to cook and eat healthy. And you’ll enjoy it too! Rather than scratching together something tasteless using the bare bones in your pantry, you can make exciting dishes that taste amazing that just happen to be healthy!”
(Check out Nagi’s 2 free ebooks on subscribing, plenty for ideas)
On behalf of all of us gleaning wisdom from your words, maybe picking up ideas or feeling the cogs turning with a new-found push towards healthy fuel, we say thank you.
I am grateful for your grace…your time, your thoughts, your efforts, your stimulation & your sharing.
We have been granted a gift!!!
For the love of food, in every language, cheers to easy healthy eating…
  1. Thanks for these handy tips. Yes it’s always better to eat fresh food instead of processed.
    I often think of our brekkies @ “Bones”
    Cheers “the other EastEnder”

    • Lol…yes we are getting so good at all this healthy eating Val. From one East Ender to another, perhaps we turned a corner at “Bones” :)) xx

  2. For all the differences….we really are all the same inside huh?
    It was great that all those wonderful generous chefs, cooks, and bloggers opened their wisdom to you Roni, they obviously saw the dedicated woman who genuinely and generously ‘shares the food love’…

    • Thanks Carolyn, I think they saw an awesome opportunity to share their much practiced knowledge & passion to the wider community, that’s all of us who care. I am very grateful for their generous time & skills :)) xx

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