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Eggs…amazing little critters!

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Eggs…..facts & tips. They really are amazing little critters!

It’s been a fascinating topic of facts & fabulousness among a few cheffy friends for the past few years, & any time any of us find ourselves lucky enough to be joyously working together, we add new knowledge to our collective egg-info data base. Bit like a clicky (clucky?) secret little password or something…:))
Eggs & Nest

So, on the back of the cute little story about Devilled Eggs, we went in search of all things egg.

Here’s a few things we found…..

When making devilled eggs, place carton on its side for a day prior. This will center the yolk so it will be directly in the middle.

Cook at room temp, as in “hard-boiled.” Slice length ways. Pile high with your favourite ingredients, mashed with lite mayo.
They may be made a day in advance, covered & chilled.
cracked egg

Place filling in a sealable plastic bag. Cut tip off corner & squeeze into egg halves. Throw away bag, no mess, no fuss. If covered in plastic, put toothpicks in some to hold up film.

A few more secrets for the perfect egg….
We used large eggs……
*Soft cooked eggs 4-5 mins
*Medium cooked 6 mins.
*Hard cooked 12 mins.
hard-boiled & sliced egg
To cross check ….let simmer 10-12 mins. Then test by lifting egg out with spoon & count to 8 seconds. If water parts & evaporates by then it is done. Over-cooking causes the greenish/purplish ring around yolks. Ugly!

Hard Boiled: (also known as “coddling”)
Buy them a week ahead.
Use eggs that are at least 5 days old. Best ones stand UP in water & the extra air inside makes peeling easier.
*Bring them to room temperature.
*Do not add salt as it will raise boiling point & make whites tough & rubbery.
*Cook in single layer covered by 1”(about 3cm) cold water.
*Over high heat, bring to boil. JUST!!! (simmer point)
Then you can keep your eye on them & do the cross check after about 10 mins.
devilled eggs, stuffed with bacon bits

Or….remove from heat & cover tightly. Stand for 17-18 mins.
Drain & transfer to ice-cubes & water (to create steam & immediately stop cooking.) Will also assist with peeling as cold water creates steam between shell & white.
Cool at least 10 mins.

To Peel:
Crack eggs under cold water to loosen the membrane.
Start at larger end where air-pocket is, & remove under running water. You must get hold of the membrane under the shell.
eggs galore

The first published devilled egg recipes came from Medieval Europe & they were common in the 17th century. Not named “devilled” till 18th century England.

There are loads more interesting facts about the world of eggs, but we will save these for another post.
It’s too good to miss, but I don’t want our eyes to glaze over & the roller doors to come down, so enough for now.
Happy eggs-perimenting! Lol…sorry, couldn’t help it :)) xxPretty eggs decorated

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  1. I had no idea! I will put those eggs on their sides the next time I make deviled eggs.
    Diana-from UBC

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