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Expert Tips on How to Create the Perfect Cheeseboard.

Expert Tips on How to Create the Perfect Cheeseboard.cheese & charcuterie

 Yesterday I received an interesting email from Louis, letting us know he’s created a guide on how to present the perfect cheeseboard, which could be of interest to our readers. It’s ideal for beginners or for those looking to make sure their cheeseboard is well balanced (that’s me, I need great reminders with all the busyness in life :))

I think it’s a fantastic resource & so I’m sharing it with you :))


It’s no wonder that so many of us enjoy a cheese board before or instead of dessert. But what’s the difference between a cheese board and a cheese platter? Do you need a charcuterie? How should it be served and what with? Crackers? Olives? Bread?

So many questions and not enough time to google all the answers? Don’t worry.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create the perfect cheese board, you’re in luck. We’ve got a simple guide for you below that will guarantee your cheese board is not only tasty and well balanced, but made to impress too.

Grab the crackers!

  1. That’s a great guide. I like grapes, dried apricots and walnuts on mine too.

    • Excellent tips Maureen…& figs, chutneys, quince paste etc :)) xx
      It is a great guide….& then you make it your own….

  2. Any Cheese Board is great when shared with friends, but using these helpful tips I will be able to impress them and make it a memorable occasion!
    Thanks Roni

    • You are very welcome Pammy…your boards are always fantastic. But yes, Louis has given us a gorgeous prototype to follow :))

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