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Food Art Journaling…In Italy!!!

Food Art Journaling…In Italy!!!Bolsena Lunch red

Omg! Omg! Omg! I am so excited….

I’m going to Orvieto. In September this year…

My amazing artist sister Carolyn, (many of you already know how talented she is,) is taking another art tour to Orvieto, in Umbria, Italy. And this time she is teaching gorgeous journaling techniques.pommegranites

Her books are so pretty! And she is going to show us how to do it!

Such a emotional connection with the trip you are having. Such a graphic record of this unique experience. Such a blessing to revisit over & over again. Such a legacy to leave for loved ones…convent in Italy

But what excites me the most, is that I won’t have bags of paraphernalia waiting around to be sorted & recorded one day when I get time. Ha! Bags from every trip or holiday I intend to document someday….

This time it will already be done! Fresh, joyous & spontaneously captured as we go….yippee!!orvieto, umbria, italy

Mine will be a food journal, from tables around the country.

With memories etched in, trinkets stuck on, thoughts & deeds jotted down, dribbles & scribbles to laugh at in italy

There will be truffles & olives, pizzas & red wine. Wine cellars & convents, cafes, cathedrals & bells.

There will be learning & laughing, exploring & tasting. And all with a huge warm Italian embrace….squeal!!!prosciutto

You should see the itinerary!!! How much fun we are going to have!

Who’s coming with me?

Carolyn tells me there’s only a few spots left. Are you coming? If you are not able to, who do you know that just has to? Who would love it to pieces?

courtyard in italy

Info below…come on! Let’s do it!

It will be the trip of a lifetime! It will be so cool!!!Food art tour in Italyfood art tour italyfood art tour italyOr me (Roni) 0420 310 202 Or Carolyn herself 0414 945 310

Ciao Ciao xx


  1. Oooohhhhh so good….

    • squeal…!! Thankyou for this amazing opportunity :)) xxx

  2. Wow! What an exciting journey not long after your last one. You are one lucky woman. I wish I could afford something like that. Maybe one day!

    • Oh I know Maureen, I am SO lucky!!
      And still under wraps, but I think I just might be helping out in a traditional old stone farmhouse kitchen for a time….(which makes it a must-do opportunity :))
      And i will be able to write all about the food too!!
      Come, come!!

  3. It looks very interesting and exciting !!!! Such a beautiful area too 🙂

    • Carolyn says I just have to experience Umbria & all it’s beauties….& our hosts are so welcoming, generous & knowledgable.
      We will see you there somewhere (on the other side :))

  4. Sounds fantastic, Ronnie – unfortunately we’ll have to be trying not to turn too green from afar as we can’t manage another trip to Italy just yet. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time, look forward to reading about it and seeing your pics. Love, Barb & Amanda xx

    • Oh gorgeous girls, thank you! Wish you were coming. It would be like meeting at Pizzini’s only in Umbria lol.
      I’m still pinching myself…
      I am very excited about being able to get up close & personal In a real Italian kitchen…more on that to come :)) xx

  5. bellissimo!! it sounds OMG, I would love to be part of it but not this year. enjoy and have a drink for me xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • We most certainly will Suzie Wing Wong :)) love you to bits.
      So looking forward to sharing the Greek Islands with you down the track a ways…
      Can’t wait to share our stories with you!!!
      Mwah! xx

  6. Roni this sounds divine, oh my goodness I am salivating. I would just adore this – can’t draw of course but who cares. One for the bucket list, the ever growing bucket list….

    • Hey Fran…it’s pretty cool huh!
      And you don’t have to draw…that’s the beauty of this tour.
      You will get a travel journal of your holiday with all sorts of other techniques, like pasting, & sticking & writing bits, & so many other pretty ways.
      That’s what she’s going to teach us :))
      Come on, come with us….xxx

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