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The Food & a bit about our travels…

The Food & a bit about our travels…Greek Isles

I want to tell you a bit about the food on our travels….

I’ve been meaning to write about it everyday. And then we are at our destination, drawing, painting, eating, drinking…sharing the culture of these most hospitable people. Greek Isles

We are in the Greek Isles now, for 3 sun drenched weeks. So buckle up kids, it’s 3 weeks in one tale…..

The internet is intermittent at best….all part of this casual life-style. “Is okay. Is a no problem…” they say. And you just have to run with that.Greek Isles

Time has flown so quickly. We are ferried by bus or boat, from one beautiful location to another, all loaded with character & charm.

From one sensational eating experience to so many others….Greek Isles

Another outstanding restaurant has been added to our list of amazing places to take that special date.

Aegean Tavern, discovered our first night on Kalymnos, & frequented with anticipation. Greek Isles

The food, the presentation, the family honour! The view!

Oh, & the complimentary dessert, when you know you have no more room for anything else….

Go there people…13318494_10153747725463736_899462070_n

(As an aside, also on our first day, one of the group who we’d only met a few hours earlier, slipped in the water & shattered her wrist in 8 places.

That was a baptism by fire for all concerned….insurance procedures, medical procedures, the unknown in an unknown country.Greek Isles

We rallied with empathy & supported as a family.

Witness to a beautiful, frustrating orchestration of communal capabilities. New skills discovered & new friends made…)Greek Isles

By day we inevitably dine on local produce, fresh caught, fresh picked, under cooling vine trellises overlooking stunning vistas.

By night it’s a feast of mezza plates, all specialities of the area, at one of the plethora of little family-owned cafes dotted along the port.Greek Isles

Or fine dining, Greek-style, in ancient stone buildings, polished with mod-cons. Proud of their cuisine, proud of their service, these wonderfully warm people shower us with attention.

And the food keeps coming….we can’t insult by denying their offerings can we!Greek Isles

So again, we heave our burgeoning bodies along the foreshore for our evening stroll home….beautiful, balmy, breezy.

Despite our daily resolve not to, we usually end up at one of the little blues-playing ouzo bars for a nightcap (Limoncello for me, can’t do Ouzo.)Greek Isles

The thought of all those steps & steep hills to our boudoir after that is always a challenge, but we know we absolutely NEED to do it, for balance.

It’s good for us, right?Greek Isles

They love Australians here.

You see them light-up immediately when you tell them where you come from, & they tell you of their fathers, brothers, cousins who live there, & how they yearn to get there sometime (or again.)Greek Isles

Goats, bells tinkling, wander the hills with their criss-crossing stone fences & their beds of wild herbs.

The occasional man on donkey rides by.Greek Isles

And copious motor bikes whip around consistently.

Working boats dot the exquisite turquoise waters & yachts of all sizes come & go.Greek Isles

The hills are alive with healthy clumps of herbs, rosemary, thyme, camomile, sage & oregano.

You can imagine the scents permeating the air once you get out of town…..Greek Isles

Kalymnos is known for it’s deliciously delicate thyme honey, so so tender kalamari, & the best dolmades ever (subtle melding of flavours, juicy beef & plump rice, all wrapped in home-grown paper-fine vine leaves.)

Also for sea sponges, diving & world-renowned rock climbing.Greek Isles

We all know about Greek yoghurt & fetta. Straight from the producer, these products have a life you MUST taste sometime.

όμορφος. Ohr-reay-a (means beautiful! try spelling that kids…:))Greek Isles

Most places serve their own version of the typical staple menu.

Greek salads, honey sesame fried fetta, zucchini balls, chickpea patties, stuffed mushrooms, mousaka, souvlaki, kalamari, dolmades, tzatziki, breads with olive oil & white balsamic vinegar.

And of course, sweet, sticky baklava.Greek Isles

As scrumptious as they are, you can only eat so many Greek salads, so it’s always fantastic when we find food with a bit more creativity attached.Greek Isles

On Lipsi, whilst on one of our exploratory roamings, I met a well-dressed chef in a high-up church grounds, taking a few moments between prep & service.

We got chatting, as you do, about the intricacies of the restaurant industry & the issues with transporting everything other than local produce to the islands.Greek Isles

He invited me into his kitchen & walked me through his nightly specials…. showed me his 3 inviting dining terraces.

That was a pretty impressive honour for me, & a mutual respect for us both. A cultural & global acknowledgement of food & a universal language without barriers.Greek Isles

Consequently, over the next 2 nights, 2 separate groups of us ventured up the hill to be generously wined & dined by Manolis & his family. www.manolistastes.comGreek Isles

Two more islands, 2 more big ferry rides with beautiful craggy island vistas & jewel blues from sparkling to misty. Breathtaking…Greek Isles

Patmos for the day, a place to spend more time. Acropolis Cave where John wrote the Book of Revelations, ancient monastery & museum in the mountaintop Hora.

Refreshing modern lunch at the port in a funky bar & lots of shopping. The jewellery is unique & lovely here….Greek Isles

Our last island, Leros. As sensational as all the others we’ve seen so far, this has more of a holiday feel.

Several fishing ports flourish with activity & cafes dot the shores.Greek Isles

Our hotel is once again a family business & we are encouraged to share their home.

A beautiful garden with vine covered terrace & bar sit on one side of the narrow road while the crystal clear sea beckons just a few metres away.Greek Isles

The food is fabulous, homemade, traditional & served with passion.

The breakfasts are crazy good, way too much, but richly deserving of every taste.Greek Isles

Coffee & juice, pretty fruit salad & silky Greek yoghurt,  perfectly cooked bacon, eggs & tomato (which is rare), several breads, sweet & savoury, & addictive fresh peach conserve from nona’s larder.Greek Isles

We established regular banter with our wait staff & the barman keeps lining up to many assorted shots of his choosing as our nights come to a close….Greek Isles

Our tour of art, & the challenges of applying anything new, have finished. For some, with a sigh of relief.

Unexpectedly though, we have a sense of sorrow that this fantasy ride has come to an end, & surprisingly, are looking forward to accomplishing more painting.

We look at everything with a new focus now…..Greek Isles

We don’t want to leave (but we also know what new adventures await….) And we want to thank the Greek people for their warmth & kindnesses…..

Apart from all being laden with history, churches, ancient buildings, rocks & arid cliffs, comical solution solving (cake deliveries :)) for example….Greek Isles

…..inherited sense of patience & courtesy on the roads & innate driving skills we could all learn from, water you can’t drink & strange plumbing issues, these islands offer magnificent cultural differences, fierce national pride & collective embrace.Greek Isles


Kalymnos, working capitol & lots of cats.

Lipsi, not so many….rustic & rural.

Leros, butterflies, beaches & fishing boats.

P.S.(The men are pretty cute too :))Greek Isles


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. I loved reading, you really have a way with words. Yes I’d love to go back and see what you described and taste what you ate! It all sounds and looks so lovely. Maybe show some of the drawings and paintings from this trip. Roni, I love your work, thanks again!

    • Hey lovely…showing drawings may be a bit scary :)) But some of them did turn out okay….
      Love that you enjoy my writing & especially that you take the time to tell me. It keeps me going…so huge thanks, mmwwaahhh!!

  2. Beautifully written Bella, I’m loving your adventures from my chair xxx

    • Ohhh thankyou lovely….it’s so special that you care enough to read, & a super bonus that you enjoy :)) happy dance, love you xxx

  3. How beautiful!! The food looks amazing and it’s so nice to hear about your adventures. Live every moment, am i right?!?

    Sending big love to all of you.
    Enjoy what remains, and I can’t wait to hear more about this epic trip

    • Oh gorgeous girl……thanks always for your support. Love you to the moon.
      Wait for the next installment :)) xx

  4. Traveling through Europe with you via your stories!!!

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