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Food, Functions & Feet in 2 Camps!

Food, Functions & Feet in 2 Camps!IMG_7386

Oh my goodness! Look how quickly the weeks are flying by….

Just a few notes to touch base, to say gidday & let you all know I haven’t fallen off the planet  :))

All is well! I just need to settle into some structure!IMG_7498

Even so, lots of productivity has been happening.IMG_7571

There’s been family functions, dinners with friends, sleepovers & breakfasts, playing with the little people, lots of walking on the beach & through the strawberry fields.IMG_7520

There’s been cooking up a storm, making sauces & condiments, creating recipes & taste testing, introducing new food ideas to those close to me & a host of other scrumptious things.IMG_7357

This past weekend we had the privilege of looking after all the dietary needs of a wonderfully special bunch of people, at a couples retreat in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.IMG_7584

It was a delight to ply them with little extras, create gorgeous food displays, witness the oohs & aarhs, listen to their laughter, & share some of their amazing stories.IMG_7585

The hours were long & joyous. The gratitude was mutual & genuine. And I am yet again reminded of why I love my work!IMG_7581

Okay, so after the past amazing 4 months in Europe & abroad, I have to admit it’s not proving seamless slotting back into the everyday lifestyle.

I’ve got my bags packed & one foot out the door, poised & ready to roll at the drop of a hat, figuratively speaking….:))IMG_7345

Reckon I could be a perpetual gypsy without too much trouble at this time of my life….

But I am looking forward to building up the coffers again so I will be ready, willing & able when the next adventure rears it’s pretty head!IMG_7395

And for me, they are everywhere…with my eyes open, opportunities seem to be popping up frequently. It’s like the amount of VW’s you see on the highway after you’ve recently purchased one…you know what that’s like.

It’s all a bit exciting really!!IMG_7334

For now I must pace myself… I have come home armed with some fabulous new foodie ideas (for me anyway :))

And I have some awesome, fun concepts brewing away. Plans are in progress, schemes are being hatched, & changes that will fire the imagination are underway.IMG_7441

Not only that, but there are some phenomenal future goals secretly awaiting attention as we speak as well.

You will love them, but all will be revealed further down the track….


  1. Great post Roni!! Definitely worth waiting for. Much love xo

    • lol….god love you precious girl :)) Thank you for so much….big love always xx

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