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Food Tale Tours.

Food Tale Tours.Glasshouse Mountains

Today we are off up the range for a gourmet foodie tour. I’m a bit excited. Come with us!

We have been warned to have empty bellies on arrival :))

A little bus picks us up quite early & we cruise through the intensely lush picture book hinterland, beautifully shiny & buffed from recent rains.

It’s spring. Exquisite jacarandas dot the rolling green hills along with contented doe-eyed dairy cows. There’s the stunning Glass House Mountains & glistening ocean vistas.Glasshouse Mountains

As the day unfolds, we are spoiled for beauty on the Sunshine Coast…& all of this in our own backyard.

First stop coffee & scones with rain forest background overlooking those beautiful views.

Off to Maleny Cheese just around the corner. Our warm little guide, Lynn, is full of interesting area & product knowledge.

Full flavoured cheeses, made with a dedication & passion you can taste, plus scrumptious local date & chilli chutney & crackers. The buffalo cheese was a pleasant surprise…Maleny Cheese

A comfortable welcome, chainsaw art, plenty local product, definitely worth a visit

A sneaky quick stop at Lift, the live food gallery, owned by one of the original 10 tenors, we were treated to a bonus choir performance.

Then it’s over to Matilda’s Gourmet Afrika. Such a character! We have 500 year old trees & Guinea fowl stories, cooking influences & an intimate kitchen hands on chat.

Herbs, spices, chutneys, pastes, the smells, the colours, sensory overload. Generous free curry mix samples on our departure Afrika

Next a cool calming trip to Lake Baroon, interesting history, resumed land, a past gathering place for nomadic aboriginals.

And then charming Secrets On The Lake, pole treehouses, high up boardwalk, art gallery, deck cafe, wood carved handrails, big fires, weddings, functions. A unique dream & vision ever unfolding. Well worth a peak.

A quick drive-by at Flame Hill Winery with it’s pretty vines & abundant Guinea fowl scratching underneath to keep the insects down. Permaculture in motion.Montville Churches

Next, lunch in Montville, a little tourist hilltop village with lots of European influenced buildings, a cute little glass chapel & loads of quirky shopping.

We eat at Wild rocket, with its boutique beers, (where we had ice cold samples, much appreciated on this hot day,) handmade pork pies & happy hospitality beers

Eventually we continue on to beautiful Flaxton, to Cocorico, French restaurant & chocolate shop to meet Sebastian, the youngest chocolatier in Australia. He walks us through everything amazing about coco beans, nibs, powder, the plant, cocoa butter, the origin & the process in the making of chocolate.

Madagascar, Cuba, Venezuela, Tanzania. Self taught, he knows his stuff. Such percentages & alchemy. And yes, white chocolate IS chocolate, just without the added cocoa powder & solids.

And so we have dessert….delectable, rich, hand-made chocolates.chocolate-truffles

Once again we return across the top of the stunning range to Maleny. Our tour ends with award-winning Colin James gelato (we found the extra room to fit it in :))

We are strangers in the morning, by afternoon warmed in each others company & the shared foodie experience. We are happily stuffed…fully sated.

Time to roll home & have a good lie down :))gelato

Huge gratitude goes to our charming driver & tour guide. Do yourself a favour & jump on board whenever you get the chance…would make a great gift for someone special.

Mystic Mountain Tours do several food tours like bush tucker, picnic tours, just desserts, totally decadence. One of their primary aims for these tours is to take it down a notch, have a no rush experience. It’s a beautiful thing.

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These guys will give you a wonderful day to remember.Food Tale Tours

  1. Wow …. sounds great !!!!!!!!!!!
    All of those places in the one day aaahhhhhhh

    • Ah yes Val, I missed you….get on board the next one if you can. You would love all the info that goes along with the discovery trail :)) xx

  2. Seriously need to get the next one!!!! :)))))))))))))))

    • Yes Jules, you would love it too!!! We need to get the gang together & make a day of it :)) xx

  3. I was offered a tour back when Lisa owned it but I got dizzy and couldn’t go. What a great day out and I love Wild Rocket at Misty’s restaurant! Pete and Belinda are the best! Everything homemade up there.

    I should plan a day on the tour.


    • Yes Maureen…you would really appreciate all that these guys offer. And all the little gems along the way. It’s especially good not to have your hands on the wheel for a day, to let someone drive you, & drink it all in with no road responsibility :)) So many tours on offer…you would love it! xx

  4. Isn’t it amazing when we become a ‘tourist in our own town’ and see the sights the way newcomers see our magic region. Thanks for reminding me of the gifts we are welcome to here on the Sunshine Coast!!!

    • You are very welcome Carolyn :)) yes, we are very blessed to live in such a stunning spot.
      And thanks to people who show us around…xx

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