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FOOD WARS, animal based v plant based:

FOOD WARS, animal based v plant based: photo-1445445166560-e1df5758c4f9Recently, it’s come to my attention that there is yet another food related discussion looming large on social media. I wondered about getting involved & what I would contribute….

Not knowing enough about either topic, I decided to just watch, listen & read, (which I realize could pave the way for condemnation.) There is too little space here to comment on this extensive subject matter. But it did trigger much interesting (to me anyway:)) reflection & personal

I’m all for passionate debates & respectfully expressed points of difference. If we are open to listening, it can be challenging, controversial, educational & entertaining…. Robust opposing opinions, (whether scientifically supported or not,) often spur us into action & defy us to make well-needed changes.

I do admire forerunners. Imagine our history without them!! They defy the status quo & often create momentum by making a difference. To name a few, they provoke thought, bring a different slant to the public arena, cultivate ideas & applications, & present society with a new approach.vegetables

For a thinking person, they demand we pay attention to how we treat our global village at it’s very core. They slap us in the face with the consequences to our planet & our bodies, if we don’t. At the very least, this information heightens our awareness & helps us take a good look at our own beliefs with a fresh eye.

It is exciting & essential that we keep seeking & exploring better ways for the health of our land & our people. For the balance in our diversity & our

For me, as a privileged first world woman & dabbler in all things food, I appreciate the concern & the essence. And I thank participants of all levels, for their intent & their commitment. It’s an ongoing knowledge. There is much room for improvement & discovery in every area, & we, as one world, will all benefit.

I remember the zest & conviction we had when it was our turn to change-the-world, & trust that we will all learn valuable applications from the outcomes of this new wave of generational energy. Continued education is

As we know, we can always find volumes of testimony to back any point of view we may have on the matter of food wars. Benefits, cliches, demerits or anything else we care to hunt down.

There is any amount of fascinating documentation regarding bio-diversity, food & it’s production, agricultural management & ethical practises, habitat destruction by man & beast, mining, political & financial abuse & implications, controlling or eliminating diseases via diet. The list is numerous, detailed, consuming, conflicting, comprehensive & never-ending….


These days, I am happy that others more educated than me, will continue the search & fight for the solution. As always, I am keen for their findings.

So until there is anything absolute & undeniable to forbid me certain foods, I shall try to eat as balanced a diet as I can. Plenty of fruit & vegetables, not much meat or dairy, & very little refined sugar.

I will continue to seek knowledge & to be aware of how my raw ingredients are produced, of low food miles & of conscious input, particularly with our kids. I will try to find the sweet spot between a simple diet that caters to both my health needs, & celebrates all the scrumptious taste sensations available to us. I will present it beautifully, share it lovingly & enjoy it fully….sunshine coast

For further reading on the topic of eating advice, here’s a few currently in question…


What do you think?

  1. Really well written!!!

  2. I think you write beautifully. Xo

    • God love ya little cotton sox :)) There is so much to say on the subject, I thought it was probably a hodge-podge of confusion…but there you go. Thank you Suzie xxx

  3. Spot on Mambo, I am still learning so much about food & its effects on the body. There is a plethora of information out there on “the line” (lol) about good vs bad, what you should & shouldn’t eat, this diet, that diet, be a vegan, paleo, vego. But you can’t take it all as gospel, because what’s good for me isn’t necessarily good for the next person. Still the battle rages on while I happily sit on the sidelines & take from it what I can. I like to think of one of my favourite saying of all time (which I’ve heard you quote many times)
    “let food be thy medicine”….

    • Thanks heaps Dayne. Yes it is a good quote…& so so true a principle.
      The value in these discussions for me, is that they keep the “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble” (Shakespeare quote :)) of the topic alive & in the forefront of my conscience. xx

  4. Wow really well written Roni proud of You …you never cease to amaze me with your Talent … xx

    • Thanks so much Paul. I think I am doing a little bit of fence-sitting, but thought the discussion worth a few thoughts from a previous generation. Big love xx

  5. Love to read your stuff Roni ❤️ Thanks for sharing xx

    • Hello gorgeous girl…thank you Kylea. You are one of the key players of your generation.
      Appreciate your participation, your knowledge & your passion. And mostly your continuing education….xx

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