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Foodie Fun Friday….Japanese Teppanyaki Bar



 Japanese Teppanyaki Bar…my favourite!

Did I mention that we are at a 3-day conference on the Gold Coast? Anticipation at the thought of another visit to one of my favourite restaurants lingers for months in the build-up to each event.

So tonight, after a long 10 hours of powerful food for the mind, I’m off to meet some special southern family members at my yearned-for Teppanyaki Bar & Restaurant, Koo Koo’s.


It’s where the chefs practise their knife skills daily, (mandatory requirement,) & ham it up with their tricks & flare. Toss salt shakers in the air & catch them in their hats, chop things like rapid fire machine guns, sometimes in a blindfold….flip food & catch it on the spear tip of their knife.

Maybe they catapult a tasty morsel into awaiting audience mouths, writing with salt, upside down…it all depends on the participation of their crowd & the expertise of that particular chef. Impressive & fun!

Our chef tonight is Ellery, (celery without the “C”, he tells us,) handsome, friendly, showman…..


I adore the theatre of this eating experience, & the casual informality of the involvement. Meanwhile, the food is hygienically handled, the cooking perfectly executed & the professionalism never in doubt.


I love the minimal handling before the food arrives on our plates, straight off the hotplate directly in front of us….fresh, clean, unadulterated & hot.

I love the condiments that accompany each of the meats, vegetables & seafood.


I love the complimentary salad with roasted sesame dressing & the cloudy soup, the chopsticks & the little bowl of rice.

I love the company & the Long Island Iced Tea!


And then we take a stroll in the balmy, winters evening air…& find our way to a waffle store!! After majority consensus, we continue our catch-up over fresh cooked waffles, maple syrup & ice-cream. Naughty I know… but a bit nice for a change!

What the heck…we’re away from home & our general routine. On a break of sorts, so we decide bending the rules is almost mandatory :)) We are creating a memory, participating in a progressive dinner, living the life…& loving it!

Japanese Teppanyaki Bar….my favourite!  What are you doing tonight?

  1. Looks like a great time. We have a restaurant about 15 miles from our home in Wisconsin that offers much the same type of entertainment. After dinner we walk about a block where there is a krispy Kream Doughnut store where the hot donuts float along in the frier. When you walk in, an employee, suing a chop stick, hooks a hot doughnut and hands you a free sample. Of course when you leave you have purchased a dozen or two..we tray not to go there too often.

  2. Lol…I can see why, Chef William :)) Yes, it’s awesome to have a bit of fun dinner theatre on occasion. Thanks for taking the time to stop & share XX love Roni

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