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 Red Wine Night.

We’ve been mentioning, randomly for months, that we miss seeing each other in a social capacity, & that a red wine night of catch-up must be just-around-the-corner…

Yeah, let’s do it! Any moment! And the business of our days continues to get in the way. We all know how it is!


We have this amazing group of girlfriends who meet every week, without fail, for a business think-tank, have done for 4 years.  We inject ideas, pool resources, stimulate activity, clarify concepts, add our experience into the collective mix.

We prize this time above all else, barring an emergency. It’s locked into our weekly schedule. We also walk together in the mornings.  We have a meeting point & a crazy start time, & whoever is available on any given day, meets, hugs, walks, & talks….


It’s always quick, rushing to get it all covered, animated, you might say. Fabulous…we love it. Great uplifting way, both physically & mentally, to start our individual days.

And now it’s one of our special girlfriends birthday! Time to take time out! Time to chill! What better reason to catch up for that oft talked about red wine?

So it’s on…a gathering of the girls (socially.) We may as well give it a theme, make it a bit more memorable…it’s red wine night, so we go with red, black & white.

Red wine, Black Russians, red, black & white food, slate platters, white bowls, white candles, quick black & white guest bedroom make-over, red flowers, & old black & white movies just in case we get that mellow :))


Oh I’m excited! We’ve decided to go with an Asian inspired menu, so we put pen to paper & come up with a little banquet of light & clean food concepts. Dishes to share & to self-serve. And now I get to cook with some fabulous Japanese ingredients that have been waiting patiently for me.

First a quick juzz of the house…the boring old run the vacuum over all areas, clean the bathroom, that sort of thing. And then the pretty stuff, like arrange flowers, drape a few swags of fabric around, make sure the CD player is stacked, look around, set the table,  attend to the details….


It’s so much fun to get all the foods out, pull & push ideas around, & come up with an array of gorgeous dishes….plenty for the girls to oh & ah about :)) I’m sure our tummies, our palettes & our eyes will be satisfactorily stimulated!


Get everything prepped that can be done before hand, make sure the trimmings are sorted…yes, I think it will all come together nicely! Now to get myself ready….

How nice to play for a while, to have a well-deserved chillax. Must go light the candles & turn on the music.


There’s the door-bell! Yay, the girls are here. Excuse me while I rush off to partake in a red wine or two!

Oh yeah…anyone want the menu?



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