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Foodie Fun Friday…Tips for Topping!

Foodie Fun Friday…

Tips for Topping!

“You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties….” Ain’t that the truth!! But it’s what I love, it’s what I feel comfortable with, it’s what I’m good at.

A lot of us like to gravitate to the kitchen…at Food That Sings, we are collating a musical theme of all the kitchen songs we come across, a collection of cooking tunes.


I personally have favourite music to groove to whilst playing in the kitchen…it stimulates the creative juices! Get it on (the music,) & get into it!

We try to make our food look inviting at all our functions, to make it obvious we care, & so you just may find a few tips here that will translate into your style…hope so.

You can often use what is compatible & available at the time…a bit of chutney & a sprig of fresh herb to finish off a savoury dish, a juicy strawberry or a couple of mint leaves on a dessert plate, even just a fresh flower or two.

You could make some little chocolates in a mould, sprinkle chocolate or icing dust….

You could use dried apricots & thyme…

You could scoop out some melon balls, caramelize some onions…


How about some sweet potato crisps or deep fried shallots….

Some chilli jam, sour cream & pink pickled ginger, little lime wedges…

A couple of long shallots tied in a knot perhaps & a shake of black sesame seeds…

What about some pomegranate seeds?


You could roast some red capsicum, cut it into strips & roll it into a flower for that striking splash of red….

But the thing to remember is keep it sensationally simple :)) KISS….

Just use your imagination, whatever is available, & what goes with the dish you are presenting.

If we had to break it down to bare minimum, we’d say your best friends are clean & green, or a little fresh fruit.

There are so many more ideas, if you find this useful drop us a note & we will do another post on this topic. How can we best help you? Tell us your needs….

The most useful of all things, are those fresh herbs…they give everything a lift!

Happy displaying……

  1. Everything looks great here! Presentation is so important. I love the daisies on the lemon tart! 🙂

    • Yes Karen, the initial attraction is all in the image, & using flowers is just another way of prolonging the little joys they give us :))
      Thanks for stopping by…xx

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