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Forbidden Fruit!


Forbidden Fruit!

Let’s get to know each other a little…& chat about forbidden fruit!

Childhood on the farm provided a multitude of many-faceted experiences, mostly fabulous, particularly in retrospect. I wouldn’t trade them for the world…well alright, a few of them maybe :))

One particular activity, often performed, remains the topic of many joyful references between my brothers & sisters to this day….forbidden fruit!

On the 3 mile walk, (5ish kms.) returning from school each day, there was Cortina’s apple orchid between us & home. As the crow flies, which was always our preferred route, this working farm of goodness was in our direct path on the journey. Sustenance was required, little bodies needed to be replenished. Naughty behaviours needed to be expressed & boundaries needed to be challenged…:))


So we dodged the spooky man driving the tractor, hid from the alien in the gas mask with his machinery shooting  white spray into the sky.  And when he was far away, down the other end of the avenue of trees, we would bravely position someone as a look-out & pinch enough apples for all of us, passing these precious little gems along the line of kids. We would polish the poison off on our clothes & run to our escape, laughing all the way at our conquest.

Talk about forbidden fruit! Ours was always as fresh as you can possibly get it :)), but it’s a wonder we are still here to tell the story!


Anyway, after the chores were done, or for the hour between getting home from school & when they were due to begin, we were typical kids playing. There seemed to be a never-ending supply of things to entertain ourselves.

I suppose with that many kids in the family, (11,) there was not much chance of a shortage of ideas, or challenges. Sibling suggestions shooting off the back of each others, which sometimes gathered defy-able momentum, became all consuming.

We climbed the fruit trees in the orchid that formed the middle of the circular drive to our old farm-house. We’d each sit in our chosen tree, like it was our own house, our own village, & pretend we were masters of our own domain. We’d feel individual independence as we munched on those beauties & shouted out general tidings.

Oh how I loved the juicy crispness of those Winter pears, that clean, refreshing taste!  We discovered that walnuts with their thick green coating still intact were horrible…floury & bitter & raw. And if it was an apple tree that became our temporary home, we learned to stash a rock in our pocket, along with as many ripe & ready walnuts as we could collect from the ground, before the climb to our elevated loft.

Smash the walnuts first, get all the good bits in a pile, toss the shells to the Netherlands, & select your apple. The combination of crunchy, succulent apple & firm, walnut flesh all munched up together is as good as a dream come true. Makes my mouth water just at the thought! And how about low food miles….


We picked gooseberries & made jam. We picked lemons & made lemon butter. We picked quinces & made paste, & honey…mmmmm!

On sunny weekends, with supervision standing guard on the bank, we loved to get our feet into the icy trickle of the creek. With pants rolled up & plastic buckets linked over our arm, we would pluck plump blackberries from their thorny brambles. One must check for flavour, so pop a few in…. sweet & tarty yumminess!

Lips purple, fingers stained, quality control taken care of.  Our buckets full, our anticipation high, we race back to the kitchen with our thoughts firmly on the prize, mums blackberry pie. And ice-cream.  Which we made. Four trays a day. But that’s another story….

Have you got some childhood memories you’d like to share? Maybe you could share with a friend who you think would also have a good story…:))

  1. You took me back to my childhood in Canberra, of fruit trees – plums, peaches, nectarines, apples of many varieties and apricots, goosberiies rhiubarb, strawberriesplus raspberries which may bestill my fave berry and then there were holidays and picking the blackberries
    thank you

    • Those were the days hey Suzie :)), thanks for commenting & sharing your fruity fun with us….mmmm raspberries!!! lol xx

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