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French Fusion Food.

French Fusion FoodIMG_4425

Today is our last full day in Avignon. I think I’ll pay another visit to the local undercover food markets, Les Halles…a kaleidoscope of gorgeous displays, smells, sounds, colour & movement, all relating to the honour of food. It makes my little heart flutter:))

The sheer volume & variety in these food displays mesmerises me. There’s no shortage of fresh produce, the low-food miles are obvious, & the vendors have such a sense of pride & connection at the offering of their many & varied wares. I am a little envious that as small café providores, we just do not have the traffic flow back home, to warrant such exuberant & lush presentations…

Our whirlwind trip in Paris was my first introduction to authentic, cooked-on-home-turf, European cuisine. As with everything else French, there’s a certain style, a certain relationship with food that reflects a familiar respect, a healthy homage. I love that!

We’ve eaten the famous baguettes, crepes & croissants, & don’t forget the macaroons & tarts (oh the delightfully wicked tarts :)) But as I lean further away from meat, I’ve chosen to photograph rather than taste, the equally famous escargot & foie gras. We have discovered lots of things aside from the well-known duck, are cooked confit-style. Like onions, other meats, & potatoes. And maybe not so many traditional rich creamy sauces…

Having said all that, we have noticed that the street food is of great quality. It is easy to make healthy food choices, with a leaning towards lighter modern meals, & less junk food by far, than in homeland Australia. Fabulous local wines & champagnes are easily accessible in the supermarkets  as accompaniment :))

Cherry season is in full bloom here in the south of France, & row upon row of beautiful glistening trees are bursting with plentiful glimpses of rich ruby red. It’s a joy to behold, & the fruits themselves are plump, full explosions of delicious juicy moreish-ness.

A most unexpected & delightful gift of welcome & hospitality was bestowed upon us on our arrival in Avignon. Along with this embrace, there were loads of sweet moist cherries, big green bowls of succulent strawberries plucked straight from the garden, & 16 different varieties of goats cheese. There were assorted breads, slow-cooked melt-in-the-mouth lamb cooked in tomatoes & garlic, gorgeous piles of zucchini mash, plungers of coffee, nectar from the neighbouring vineyard,  free-flowing laughter, crackling fire & multi-language song… a sensual overload!

What a picture! What a feast! Memories I will treasure….

  1. OMG Roni, I am so jealous I can’t stand it 🙂 I love Paris and all of France. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

    • It was so kind to us & we had an awesomely spectacular time :)) yes, we have now established contacts & places to stay…yay!!! xx

  2. T’is a gift you have Not only for fabulous cooking but your prowse your descriptions you have an abundance of talents. You need to turn your Euro tour into a travellers Guide book …

    • Lol…You think? How gorgeous of you Paul, thanks so much. So glad to share it with you, love Roni xx

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