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From Our Bench to Yours….

From Our Bench to Yours….from our bench

We have been crazy busy lately! And our suppliers have been awesome! (Huge thanks…)

As some of you would know, I’ve recently come out of hospital from a rare hernia operation.

Totally unexpected, much pain, keyhole surgery…no driving for a week & 45 days no lifting anything beyond 5kgs. (No coughing, or laughing, or getting up & down quickly either…)

Omg…how can you not?beautiful cheeses

But work doesn’t stop. And we won’t let our clients down. We love what we do…

Five functions in the first week out, several in the next couple of weeks, & 5 in the week around our big trip to Orpheus Island (where we are cooking for 50 people, 5 times a day, for 8 days straight… Phew! :))

We have had business platters, community service functions, corporate cooking classes, weddings, wakes, private dinners, garden brunches & lots of birthday celebrations, just to give you an idea.corporate cooking classes

Thank goodness my eldest daughter, also a chef, was on uni holidays & graciously dropped her own home renovations to help me out so beautifully in that first week.

And then my providers of produce have gone above & beyond to help me out….

My butcher has packaged things in small bags. Diced, sliced, flattened, rolled & anything else I needed for an extra $1 a kilo. Carried things to the car.bacon

My fruit & veg people have cut things, almost right through, so it will be no strain when I need to use it. Like a pumpkin, for example…one good bang on the bench & it separates.

He says it’s called the old peoples cut, but sometimes they have to do it for young ladies too :)) Cheeky man…pre-cut pumpkin

My seafood wholesaler has sourced exactly what I require for clients & made special deliveries to my door, & then packed product away for me.

This extra customer service is so humbly received & warmly acknowledged.

So from our bench to yours, I want to say how generous you are & how grateful I am.fresh tuna

It reminds me that we are all vulnerable human beings, & a little extra care can go such a long way. You never know how far the ripple effect of extra service can reach. Or just how much it can touch someone.

We are in an industry where we do look after peoples requirements, it’s called the “hospitality” industry for a reason.

It’s these people who go the extra mile, who stand out & leave a warm glow in their wake. It’s these people you gravitate to with repeat business, & refer others to.

It’s these hard-working, kind people who I am blessed to have in my circle. I want to say thank you! I appreciate your work….fruit platters

  1. noice, noice…

  2. Such beautiful words they brought me to tears. Such care where you probably least expect it, what a beautiful gift. I think there may be a bit of Karma here Roni, giving back a bit of the love and care you put into everything you do. Well deserved my precious sister! Xo

    • Oh my golly gosh gorgeous girl…thankyou for all your support always Suzie Wing Wong.
      I just wanted to say I noticed, & wished to acknowledge the little everyday human kindnesses.
      They make the world big…xx

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