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Kitchen Sessions…how to be organized in the kitchen.

Kitchen Sessions
Get Your Game Plan Onhow to be organized in the kitchen.
(& have fun, & be productive, & make yummy things :))
Teapots galore
We did a fun little function a couple of days ago, Mad Hatters Tea Party theme, fabulous costumes, funky music, cool ambiance & of course, plenty of fantastic tasty little morsels of food…
All this blogging has got me re-checking on so many of the little things you just do in your everyday life, without taking too much notice.
So this time we took note of the procedure for our kitchen sessions, as the days operation unfolded.

We discovered some pretty useful tips for any domestic situation where you are doing a few hours preparing in the kitchen.
Say for that special dinner, or a baking day, or setting up meals for the week of a busy working family. Whenever you are going to have a play around the benches.
kitchen music pumping...
At home, you may grab a friend, a bottle of red, & pump up that music a little louder, just to help create this warming experience.

But whether at home, or in a professional situation, it is important to get yourself set up first!
To create the space & set the scene… get our game plan on!

First up, select your tunes & get that music cruising.

Make sure your phone is near, your water bottle is full, & pen & paper is handy, for lists of anything that pops up. (For me it becomes a time of contemplation, of imagining, of reflecting & processing, like those moments when you are in the shower, or just as you are waking…I think they are called God moments:))
Or at least moments of clarity.

Anyway, I have found that some form of recording ideas is essential for ongoing projects & defining concepts.
kitchen essentials...writing material
Also, check your ventilation is adequate as well, an open window for fresh air flow.
Make sure everything you need is on hand, that all your ingredients are ready to roll….

Then get kitted-up…comfy shoes, hair back out of the way, hands all scrubbed & ready to go!

Now, give a moment’s thought to the order that things need to go into the oven, or even into the processor.
You would want to beat your egg whites in the processor before you went on to using it to make fishcakes for example.
Think clean to messy.
kitchen at the cooking school
Likewise, you don’t want the strong smells of one thing cooking, to permeate into delicate others, using the fish cakes verses meringue example again.

And what things need the longest time to cook, to cool, to decorate?
Maybe even what dishes will fit into your oven space at the same time?

If you give these things just a little thought, you will find a much more streamlined approach, & consequently, a much more enjoyable activity.

It’s the synchronicity that comes with practice, find the rhythm, the kitchen dance… it’s a chaotic joy to behold! And never take it too seriously.
Laugh, have fun, sing, get in the groove…
Thai Fish Cakes & Wakame

Remember to drink lots of water!
And wash up as you go!!!! (It makes all the difference to the end experience!)

So to recap….
*create your space….music, water, ventilation
*get kitted-up….comfy shoes, hair, clean hands
*have all ingredients ready to go
*think about what takes the longest time to prepare
*& which things to do first
*drink water…wash dishes
*put your feet up, have a laugh
*& taste, taste, taste
Frittata...Spinach, Fetta, Pine nut & Pumpkin
For us at Food That Sings, in our professional catering kitchen, then comes the time for plating & decorating, (presentation).
Packaging & labeling to go out to a function.
Doing an inventory of all equipment sent off, & a running sheet of what’s on offer & in what order to send it out.

Time then for a well earned sit-down, maybe a long, cold drink, & put your feet up for a bit!
Time then for a little mental re-do of your day, of how you feel about what you’ve produced, of what you’ve learnt. Time then for a good laugh, stimulating conversation & much anticipated tasting..
Enjoy your kitchen sessions!!
Creamy little pancakes
Here’s a helpful link on hand-washing, & storage times. I went to hand-washing school…but that’s a whole other story :))

  1. Great tips, probably helps not to have little muchkins sticking their noses into everything!!! Lol the make my kitchen complete!

    • Yes Ashley, we hear you, they are the heartbeat :))…have you checked out Thursdays With Theo & Thumbelina?

  2. Thanks for all these wonderful tips.My kihchen usually looks like a cyclone has been through when I cook. Hopefully I can be a little more organised now.

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