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Grandsons Cooking Classes

Grandsons Cooking Classesschool garden produce

Yay!! Finally, this year, the 2 grandsons who attend this school, are old enough to participate in the kitchen. With me :)) happy face…

This is my 3rd year now…volunteering at the local school to help out in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.grandsons

I’m so excited! They’re so excited!

We have always cooked at home together as a family, but it’s kind of a bit special to have a favourite person sharing your other life….grandsons

And the things they cook! Awesome work! Introductions to foods that some of them have never even imagined.

Being able to taste sensations unfamiliar, things from foreign lands. Learning about what’s in season & how to use it. Taking this new enthusiasm & knowledge home to the rest of the family.cutting techniques

It’s always been a Wednesday morning thing for me, off to school to start with the bell. No packed lunch though.

We are chockers by the time we twice sit & taste the meal just cooked with the 2 classes that rotate through the kitchen each uniform

It’s not without it’s challenges, but it’s gifts & rewards are priceless!

It’s madness & semi-ordered mayhem! Noisy & energetic.mixing it up

I take all the hats I’ve ever owned off to the teachers, & especially to our organizer, Miss Tania.

She is a wonder-woman….& still sane! And gentle!making pasta

My role is not to teach, or discipline, just to guide.

Hopefully I can provide them with one little gem to take away & carry in the depths of their memories.

Some tip that will make the never-ending cycle of feeding a little more magical. Or at least a little more keen & comfortable.pasta laid out

I think it’s an outstanding program to have in schools.  

One week in the garden learning to tend the plants, patience, giving care, witnessing the growth of their fruits & vegetables, developing a relationship with the produce & what they put into their bellies.handmade pasta

And the next week in the kitchen, discovering methods & flavours, team-work & techniques, hygiene & handling equipment correctly, learning respect, satisfaction & life-skills.

And cooking & eating.fresh herb salad

The kids set & decorate the tables, & amid all the chaos, we share a meal. Hopefully practising some manners & some conversation along the way.

They are then responsible for cleaning up their utensils, scraping their plates & stacking the dishwasher.table setting

It’s history, maths, english & spelling. It watching & waiting, & mouth-watering anticipation.

It’s essential tools for the rest of their roaming, all rolled up in food, fun & friends. oven watching

For me & my grandsons, it’s creating memories & recollections for many years down the track. A warmth & solidarity that is family….

Check these out… OR decoration

  1. I saw a cooking demonstration by groups of students in this program up at Eumundi a couple of years ago. We were gobsmacked by how they chop like experts, stir with confidence and clean up as they go. VERY impressed.

    What fun to be involved with this.

    • hey Maureen, yes, I cannot praise this program enough for all the skills it taps into. It’s engagement is far-reaching for students & volunteers alike.
      Thanks Stephanie…this small opportunity in a childs life will help make ours a better planet.
      Pure genius!

  2. What and awesome thing to do with the Grandies…and the schools, finally adding subjects that will be beneficial to the kids futures. LOVE it!

    • Thanks Carolyn for getting it! Yes! Yes! Yes! It is pretty awesome…:)) xx

    • I agree Carolyn, something beneficial to their futures. Good to see.

      • Thanks Jen. Whatever tips help us all manage out meal planning & prepping, are gold….xx

  3. Such a lovely post Roni, beautiful words and pictures! Thanks for your continued support of the Kitchen Garden Program.

    • Oh Stacy, thank YOU so much for noticing….:)) & taking the time to join us here.
      I think the whole process is invaluable & consequently any little thing that I can do to contribute, to you & the schools, to help this movement along is my absolute honour!

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