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Grow. Harvest. Prepare. Share.

Grow. Harvest. Prepare. Share.


The benefits from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program are plentiful….it’s pleasurable food education. The message flow-on is to deliver school curriculum in exciting & interesting ways. Maths, science, literacy, as well as interaction as a community, engaging in table conversation & recycling, just to name a few.

Skill-building & repetition.All presented in a home-style way so the kids can take their experience with them for the rest of their lives, reproduce the knowledge in their own environment.

The ripple effect of all this is so stimulating! It’s a no-brainer… we need this for all our kids!

Smart girl, our Stephanie.

Behavioural issues that may sometimes be seen in the class room seem to disappear in the kitchen…it doesn’t seem like school :))

And it’s brought out a whole new community of volunteers other than sports parents!

Our bus tour took us around 4 of the amazing schools who have implemented this program…. Woodlinks for morning tea, Mansfield for lunch, Wellington Point, & Bulimbal to finish off for afternoon tea.  The kids did a superb job of hosting us, & their tasty treats were much appreciated.

There’s self-supporting fish tank ponds with reticulated water systems through the garden beds. There’s bio-recycling, seed-saving, free-range chook pens, compost & worm farms.

There’s creative use of land space…raised garden beds along walkways, little plots dotted where kids can keep an eye on the changes, big project terraced gardens where the land is all hill, (very European, very clever.) They work within the boundaries of what they have, build on it, seek & implement creative solutions, the joy & rewards are immense!!

All levels of community are on board, neighbours look after the chooks during school holidays, Bunnings donate plants, soil & building equipment, weekend working bees buzz along…

The kids raise funds throughout the year to kick their program along & buy new things they need. Like gold-coin donation for red & white clothes day, like each class contributing a particular pantry item, like making jams, chutneys etc with excess produce to sell at school fetes. And Stephanie does book signings for them to raffle off as prizes… whatever is needed.

So just as in life, on it goes, developing, engaging, learning…

We are elated, eyes opened, minds expanded, thoughts racing at a million miles an hour as we jump back on the bus & head to the train station for home.

Thank you schools, thank you organizers, thank you kids, thank you Stephanie.


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