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Happy New Year from Debrovnik.

Happy New Year from Debrovnik.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

We were very excited to have Croatia on our epic travel itinerary.

We scored this great apartment in Debrovnik. Happy to have a laundry, washing our clothes was well needed.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

High up on the cliff side overlooking the old walled city, our balcony offered us excellent views. One thousand steps down to the action.

Going down was okay, the trek back home was arduous every time ???? but you know, we needed that exercise to counteract all that holiday excess we had been consuming.

So climb we did, both ways….Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

It’s winter.

The Kings Landing tour from Game of Thrones fame only runs in the summer months we discovered. A bit disappointed but not deterred, we walked the great wall for 2 hours.

It’s an interesting old city, battered & beaten by recent wars, but proud & friendly in its rebuilding.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

Our research had led us to believe that this could be one of the best champagne New Years Eve party’s in the world. Having done all those steps every day, we decided not to venture out again for the big event.

Rather, armed with a couple of very nice bottles & plenty of nibbles, we would watch the show from on high.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

I don’t know, maybe they are late starters. They certainly don’t know how to see out the old & bring in the new like we do in Australia.

For hours we watched for activity, listened for celebration. Lots of loud crackers, but no pretty fireworks displays. A few waving spotlights, but no big hooray.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

Thank goodness for good red wine & The Beatles concerts on YouTube.

(There may even have been the odd bit of dancing around the lounge room like demented teenagers, or mimicking the sway of the wind in the trees outside ????.)Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

But wait! With half an hour to go there’s music rising from the walls of the old town, a little bit of cheering. And a few meagre lights…short lived but spectacular.

Happy New Year to you all!Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

It was quiet, still, visually tranquil & I’m very glad we were present. Very glad we got to explore & experience a little of Croatia.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

It’s stunning in its monochrome landscape. Rows of bare rock, dense green scrub & then all the buildings of earthy colours & terracotta rooftops as they cascade down the mountains so close to the sea, (which sparkles brilliantly.)

The sunsets are amazing over the water….

Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

Everyone has been so welcoming & helpful, taxi drivers, landlady, shop assistants, waiters…we say thankyou!

There’s so much more of this country with 6 boarders to see…tomorrow we take a bus to another location.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

I realize there hasn’t been a lot of chat about the different foods of the countries we’ve visited so far, (although there has been plenty of tastings.)Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

Croatia is known for its cured meats, particularly prosciutto & pork salamis. We have sampled many, & can attest to the constant quality for those who appreciate partaking. Particularly with local cheeses & olives.

A commonly ordered platter at all the little hole-in-the-wall cafes dotted along the way.Croatia. Debrovnik. New Years Eve.

One more day & then we go to Prague. I am very glad we get to finish our journey in this beautiful city.

Apparently it’s snowing!!!! Yippeee!!!

  1. I’ve never been there but your photos are calling me to put this on my bucket list. I have been to Prague many times and it’s such a wonderful city to visit. Our first guide we met more than 15 years ago is still a good friend.

    You’ve included us all in your holiday – thank you for that and Happy New Year!

    • Oh Maureen, thankyou so much for coming with us. Yes, it has been exquisite….
      And a warm happy new year to you & yours too.
      See you back on the Sunny Coast xx

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