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Holy Hotness…for lovers of Chilli, beer & milk.

Holy Hotness…for lovers of Chilli, beer & milk.Chillies

We learnt a lesson on Saturday….don’t drink beer to take the sting out of a chilli-burning mouth. Calm the fire with milk instead. It’s a competition strategy apparently. (And keep your hands away from your eyes & your privates for a couple of days :))Chillies

So it’s off the the inaugural Chinderah Chilli Festival in northern NSW…a little something different, support the local SES & our foodie fore-runners, gather a few condiments, (some with very humorous names,) & pick up some new ideas. Chillies

A day out with family, 3 generations. It’s hot, humid, overcast, thank goodness for a little breeze.Chillies

There’s a good turn-out, with about 50 stalls & food vans to work our way around. Tasting, sharing samples & learning about the different strengths of chilli varieties, & what can be done with them.Chillies

Interestingly enough, supposedly the worlds hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper, was the first pot plant sold out. There sure is a current trend towards all things chilli…& who can eat the hottest!

It seems to be a fun, frivolous challenge, an unspoken right-of-passage among the brave contenders, a pecking order within the initiated….Chillies

For me personally, I love a bit of spice, & am not afraid of a bit of hotness. But I can’t see the point of that burn over-riding all the other flavours it accompanies.

I like it more as an enhancer rather than the main event.Chillies

Pretty plants, products a-plenty, petting zoo & pony rides. As well as live music, beer tent, a chilli eating contest & competitions for the kids.

My little mate loved getting his big boy boat on with the SES volunteers, but didn’t seem so keen when the time came to get up close & personal with the storm troopers…lol.Chillies

Great to see our Sunshine Coast producers well represented, some being Suncoast Limes, The Chilli Effect, as well as Kastavilla Trading Co. where you can get these fabulous products.

I loaded up with dried chillies, sauces, ciders, smoked garlic, speck & of course, chilli chocolate.Chillies

Now to get this haul home & create something with a bit of gentle heat…..

Chilli jam

A handy preserve that goes well with stir-fries, curries, cheeses, creamy pasta sauces. Brings colour & life to many dishes. The trick is don’t overcook it. As there is no pectin, use your judgment & keep tasting as it cooks & reduces.

  • Makes about 4 cups.
    125g garlic cloves, crushed
    125g ginger, grated
    60g medium-hot red chillies, stems & seeds removed
    1.25kg tomatoes (I prefer red capsicums)
    825g sugar
    30ml red wine vinegar
    pinch salt

1. Blitz the chillies with the tomatoes/capsicums in food processor til smooth. Scoop mixture into saucepan with all other ingredients & bring slowly to boil, stir to dissolve sugar.

2. Cook for about an hour, stirring often at later stages, until chilli jam has thickened & is a good colour.

3. Decant into sterilised jars (mine goes into takaway containers, label & freeze.) Or store in a cool dry spot & use within six months.Chillies

  1. Great day ( even if we did sweat it out) xxx

    • Lol…yes, it was a sweaty day in every way :)) Glad we did it together. Looking forward to trying all our products too xx

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