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Hospitality Hotspot…Cycle of a Seed.

Hospitality Hotspot

Cycle of a Seed…

Wednesday Walking & Wonder!

On the back of our last story about the local farmers markets, it got us talking & thinking about the cycle of a seed.

At home we may pop it in some wet cotton wool, on a saucer by the window, waiting & watching while it germinates.

Then we transfer our brilliant baby plant into a small pot of rich, juicy soil, & nurture it along while it builds a strong, sturdy root system.

Ready to power into its own glory, we find its rightful home nestled in the back yard veggie patch.

We watch, wait, water & weed. And there it is! The fruit of our labours!

Oh boy, doesn’t it taste a squillion times better than any store-bought replacement?  So what if we share a morsel or two with a few of earth’s little creatures?  It’s clean & authentic!

We can look at companion planting, organic discouragement, or just grow more to spread amongst us all.

We know where it came from, we know that the leaves have had fresh air, sunshine & rain. We know that it will grow as nature intended, in the right time-frame, with the correct colour, structure & taste intact.

We can learn so much when we watch the cycle of a seed….

And we know what we are putting into our mouths!


If it grows well, we’ve got a pretty good idea that it is seasonal for our region & climate.

So the seeds are in the fertile soil, precisely tilled & prepared for new life. Our farmers groom them to glory, pregnant with their bounty.

The harvest is tender, either with purpose-built equipment guided by human touch, or hand-picked with gentle relish. It’s cleaned, sorted, bunched, boxed or bagged.

And then chopped & sliced & into the pot, the oven, or salad. Or off to market to be showcased in beautiful displays. Polished & glistening. Attractive, inviting.

We make our purchase & take home our prize. We store it for later use, preserving its gifts, or perhaps we apply it to its intended destination immediately.

It’s in this preparation that we save the seed, the root, & start the process of this wondrous  cycle all over again.

We find an amazing flavour, an awesome texture, a fabulous colour, & so we give some seeds to another appreciative soul. We save, share & swap, & tell others of the rich rewards of our produce.

And the cycle continues…

The seasons come to the markets through our farmers….they bring an authenticity & a reverence, & to all of us who covet & support local produce, bountiful gratitude.

We’ll leave you with food for thought from Barbara Kingsolver, extensive prize-winning author, active community citizen & grower of all things edible….

Growing food was the first activity that gave us enough prosperity to stay in one place, form complex social groups, tell our stories, and build our cities.

– Barbara Kingsolver –

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