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Hospitality Hotspot. Wednesday Walking…& Meat.

Wednesday Walking…& Meat.
Hospitality Hotspot.

Industry Thoughts.

I’m reading this book at the moment titled “The Butcher & The Vegetarian” by Tara Austen Weaver.
The lead up states “One Woman’s Romp through a World of Men, Meat & Moral Crisis.”

My interest was piqued, & my thoughts were of what an unusual slant this lady has taken, maybe a little bit humorous & definitely worth investigating.

So onto a post-it note went the information & stuck on a wall behind my desk…

12-18 months later, it’s finally purchased & on my bedside table ready for a few sneaky moments when precious time allows.

Oh, & it’s such a joy!

Apart from the warm & intimate writing style, the perspective is a real eye opener…at least for me.
Who would have thought?
Of course the world of meat would be such a foreign platform for a lifelong vegetarian!

Through fresh eyes, this lady knows more about meat than I’ll ever know.

Even though I eat less & less meat by choice these days, as a kid growing up on a self-sustaining farm, you just take it all for granted.

So I find these documented discoveries intriguing, consequently providing food for thought…(come on, that’s a little bit funny:))

In one such observation, Tara writes “That’s the funny thing that happens with ceremonial meat meals—people get excited.

Think of the anticipation of the Thanks-giving turkey: It’s not unheard of for people to actually clap when the roast bird gets carried out on a platter.

At the very least is a bit of oohing & aahing.”

That’s so true!

She goes on to share her (probably correct) theory, & then states “Maybe I’m crazy, but I will tell you this: Nothing I’ve ever cooked has elicited as much excitement from my guests as a piece of meat has.”

Interesting stuff!
Don’t you think that’s an amazing snap-shot of dining companions, from camp fires to festivities of all sorts, from centuries of historical tales to current social gatherings?

  1. She’s so right. Adding to that we asign emotions to that meat. I eat meat–love it except for ham. I expereinced the death of so many when I was younger that I assoicate ham with funerals. I find it hard to eat.

  2. Very interesting illustration of emotional connection Diana. Much gratitude for your input (sorry for your sadness)love Roni xx

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