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Hospitality & the Single Mum…

Hospitality & the Single Mum…

I am humbled by this young friends letter. It’s raw, dynamic, inspirational & compelling. And so many other young mums will relate deeply….coffee in bed

“Just finished first weeks solid work I’ve done since before I was pregnant with twins. Longest break I’ve had since I got my first job at 14. And physical, hot sweaty, running, lifting and did I mention hot?? Stick your head in a 90° dishwasher 370 times in a shift and lift trays of twenty plates in and out 740 times whilst running laps of a medium room and tell me hospitality isn’t a hard or physical job! I dare u. … Double dare u..

Man do I feel it. I have spent way way too much time on the couch covered in a pack of babies. So unfit. Loving being back in hospitality though surprisingly .. Thought I was well done and dusted in that industry. But returning to a job I have done for nearly twenty years and am bloody good at is surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable. Like hearing a song you’d forgotten all about from 1996 and realising you still know every word and get them same feels you used too as a teenager.
I love the interaction with people on a large scale, I love the smiling and finding ways to genuinely complement or engage with total strangers.hospitality
Cooking a brand new cuisine is awesome too. Learning new things is one of my great passions. Especially new cooking things. Being excellent at what I do and getting constant praise and complements on it from random humans (the tips don’t hurt the ego either :))

 Also.. My back n feet hurt so much I’m considering spending 98% of this weeks wage being massaged for seven or eight hours or selling my car and buying a jacuzzi.
Being a single mamma of three boys, getting four hours sleep a night, doing dishes and washing 49 times a day and still never having a clean bench or an empty washing basket whilst studying an intensive diploma is exhausting…But this is a new form of tired. I just served 100 meals in two hours, did mount Everest’s bigger dirtier brother in dishes, braved scalding giant steam pots and smiled the entire time, kind of buggered.
The I just left my incredible kids to go bust my ass at a hot hard job so I could earn money to provide them with everything they could ever want or need kind of tired. The I just kicked ass on a busy night first week in a new restaurant and my boss thinks I’m the Bees nuts and the ducks knees feeling. Makes the body sore and the heart grateful.hard times
I’m grateful for the extra financial abundance and ability to save for MY BUSINESS. (Pepper and Lace)
So I’m going to really have fun with my last year in the food and drink game, learn as much as possible from the beautiful Thai chef Noi. Brand new cuisine, recipes, flavours and techniques. Adding to my cooking skill set at this final stage in this industry is such a blessing.
This is the last time for a while that I’ll be able to take off my apron at nine and walk out the door and not think or stress about work till my next shift. There is no leaving a small home business. I will be living and breathing my own little entrepreneurial baby to life for the next 8 months in between study, work and being a mamma and trying to get fit and healthy (leaves exactly 6 and a half minutes a day.)
Whoever said the less time you have the more you get done was onto it.
Survived my first week back …. No..I actually Thrived my first week back.
I can do this.. I can work and study and set up my own business and raise a teenager and twin babies BY MY SELF.”you can do it!

” Even when I’m a mess still put on a vest with an S on my chest oh yes I’m superwoman ” – Alicia Keys

Check out the full story…

Check out Pepper and Lace too, let’s support this mumma’s dream & her awesome drive….

Thank you everyday warrior woman, you are amazing!Be bop retro

  1. A great read Roni, looking forward to hearing more of this awesome woman’s jouney! xo

    • Yes, she is a trooper. I’m impressed with the raw & grateful insight & I take my hat off to all those women who fill both roles, whatever the circumstances.
      It’s a constant road, a big call.
      Encouragement & acknowledgement play an important part.
      Recognition goes a long way. Sometimes we need a tribe….

  2. Thank you Veronica for sharing my words on your amazing blog. Your one of the most inspiring,hardworking,talented and beautiful people in the world. I think you embody the incredible superpower of being a hospitality single mum with an iorn constitution and a drive and focus that is something that will never cease to amaze me.
    I’ll never stop learning from you and aspiring to be even half the woman and success that you are.
    Love xxxx

    • OMG! Lilly, thankYOU! Not only for your precious words, but mostly for allowing me to share this raw & real challenge that so many women can relate too.
      You are indeed a blessing…& any encouragement I can help with along this brilliantly jaggered path is my absolute honour & pleasure. Let’s hear it for the girls…yay!! :)) xx

  3. That’s wonderful and you two are lucky to know each other. Terrific women.

  4. What commitment this must take!! I’m sure that Lilly’s business will excell with this kind of attitude! All the best

    • Yes Miss T. She has amazing drive…..& thankyou for being so encouraging to all the single mums out there :))

  5. What a wonderful portrayal of the crazy mixed up challenges that we call life! How lucky Lilly is to have the wise and wonderful Roni as her mentor and inspiration, and how lucky Roni is to have a truly committed, determined and willing to learn follower like Lilly.
    I had the privelidge to meet Lilly at work last night, and struck up a conversation about Roni; Lilly immediately sung out the highest praise for Roni to a total stranger just sitting in the restaurant; there can be no greater compliment!…except for the compliment I want to give Lilly for the pork bun…it was devine!

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