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Ideas & Inspirations, Planing & Preparations, Meals Sorted!

Ideas & Inspirations, Planing & Preparations, Meals Sorted!Prawn Laksa

Prawn Laksa

Hey guys, I bet right now you are struggling with that age-old issue again, “what to have for dinner tonight.” We talked a bit about it last week.

Maybe I can help you with this problem because it’s the same one I experience too. Pretty sure it’s the same in kitchens everywhere. We can all relate….Japanese steel

The reason it’s happening all over the country is because we are not in our homes as much as previously. We work. Our life-style is more full. Society’s pace has quickened & we all try to fit more into our days.

There are few nonna’s left in the kitchen working tirelessly all day to feed the hoards when they return….

The easiest way to fix our meal-time dilemma is with a bit of thoughtful planning. There’s plenty of inspiration online, in magazines, chatting with friends. Check out Recipes on the tab above…

Even this bit alone will make all the difference to your busy week.stir-fry

And these 3 simple steps…

  • Know what you will eat when you get home after a hard days work, for the whole week. Know what you will whip up or throw together, & what you will add to make the meal full & healthy. Little boiled chats & green beans with this. Crisp salad or stir-fry with that. Make a list of favourites. Five weekday meals. 
Pork Belly & Hasselbacks

Pork Belly & Hasselbacks

  • Make another list of ingredients you need, to bring it all together. And go shopping! The weekend markets are a great place to start. It’s a fantastic fresh way to start the day. Maybe meet friends for a quick catch-up & a coffee. Then just call into the shops on your way home for the extras. Done!Italy
  • Spend an hour or 2 prepping as much as you can. Chop vegetables. Cook a curry. Bake a lasagne or a frittata. Poach some chicken. Make a soup. Then package, label & store. We use masking tape & felt tip pen. Some will go in the fridge, some in the freezer (just pull it out of the freezer & pop it in the fridge on your way to bed the night before it’s needed.) Easy!!!

Truly, if we just give this process a little bit of weekend energy, it makes the whole weekday meal thing glide by like a grateful breeze. You’ve fixed the “what to have” problem & the results will free you up in so many unexpected ways. More time for yourself. More time for your family.

Once you make this thinking a bit of a habit, the practical side falls into place relatively quickly as well. You might see or hear of a meal that works for you & yours, & mentally (or on your phone, like me :)) store it away for next weeks menu plan. Give it your own twist…

Nagi, from Recipe Tin Eats is a fabulous guru to check out…

Garlic Prawns

Sooooo much less stress. What’s not to love?

Give it a go for a while. A month or 2. You’ll be so glad you did.

Put your feet up & have a drink. And I bet you keep up the good work….:))Greek Isles

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