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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.
Skills in happy, healthy eating.

Today marks the start of a whole new world of adventure, both for the kids & for us here at Food That Sings…:))
We are about to embark on a mission to home school 8 kids in the art of happy, healthy eating…

Age appropriate, we will introduce flavours, knowledge & skills, gently yet steadily.
The aim is to give these children life lessons in, not only applications & joy in accomplishment, but also in the impact their food choices have on their health & over-all well being.

Are you ready to come for the ride….?

Let’s start with name badges, my name for them, theirs for me…& aprons.
Don the garb & get into the head space…
Washing hands, hygiene, cleanliness, awareness…& manners.

And then we check the fridge.
What have we got in the pantry that will go with this?
What can we make with that?
What lovely surprise can we start our relationship over?

Everyone has pasta in their cupboard…so we chop & sauté & lace a couple of bottles of sauce with chilled, revived vegetables.
A big pot of water bubbles away & everyone is keen to taste our concoction.

As we are trying to minimize the dairy content in the children’s diets, they only grate a small amount of cheese onto their bowl of streaming deliciousness.

Anticipation is over & they tuck in with gusto, (except for the little 2 year old girls, they just push it around for a while & then eat just the plain pasta, & then want more, which is awesome)
…lots of kids came back for second helpings so it must have met muster :))

We find a silver side in the freezer so take it out to thaw in the fridge for tomorrows evening meal!

For dinner tonight, we thought we would make a few flans with the leftover pasta sauce & slices of all the veggies we could find in the fridge.
Some of the family are vegetarian & some are not.
So one tart got a bread crumb topping & one got salmon & grated cheese to differentiate the two.

Clear instructions were given about time & oven temp. & a pretty salad was made to accompany their meal.

We learnt how to use the triangles of pastry from the square that falls over the edge of a round dish, to invert into gaps & make a completely lined pie-case.

We learnt how to make a pretty arrangement with tomatoes, lettuce & avocado slices & to use the black platter as a frame to make our picture more inviting…

They teach me a few words in Spanish!

We have all learnt a bit about each other today, it feels like we are on the right path.

So a good start all round me thinks…
Now what to have tomorrow???

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